Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Narantak defeats king naresh injuring him.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devotee person thanking vinayak for giving him opportunity to serve him while his brother & sister in law also plead & ask forgiveness from vinayak for thinking wrong about his brother’s devotion towards you.
King naresh’s devi is praying vinayak saying you had come to help my swami & your are not here so to please come soon to help him as he is fighting with narantak alone.
Vinayak hears about king’s devi’s plead but blesses person’s brother & sister in laws saying whoever accepts mistake is bound to be forgiven because acceptance leads to progress & god is always with his pure devotees.
King naresh starts fight with narantak who is retaliating his attacks & destroying all his weapons one by one then too king naresh says if at all you have demolished my weapons then too i challenge you to come & fight with me on the ground.
King naresh’s devi is praying for vinayak singing prayers while here the person’s all family members are performing prayers in front of vinayak to make him happy as vinayak is enjoying their prayers.
Narantak is fighting with king naresh who is getting defeated by him always & at one point naresh crashes down as narantak is about to attack but vinayak’s powers save him making the day end & narantak tells naresh you are saved by your child prabhu vinayak because i too obey rules of war which should not happen in darkness so when tomorrow you come either surrender to me or face to get killed as how many times your prabhu will save you & king naresh leaves towards his territory from battlefield.
Vinayak tells them that now it’s time for me to rest so to arrange for resting but the person feels ashamed & emotional so vinayak asks him what happened & tells him that this house is so small which does not have any proper resting place also with all such items which are in big palaces but vinayak tells him you are having so much gold coins in your trunk to use & you are saying you don’t have anything & he is shocked meanwhile vinayak uses his powers to make his house look like palace & to make them also look like king & queen having worn gold ornaments on them & they all are shocked to see all over their house & their selves too which makes them delighted. The person’s brother remembers what he had demanded about saying will your prabhu give all this so he bends down pleading vinayak asking for forgiveness for all this & vinayak blesses him.
All are busy doing arrangements for vinayak’s comfortable hospitality to provide while king naresh is coming near that devotee’s house.
All decide how to serve vinayak but that devotee asks them if all the things you all will do then what I’ll do? & vinayak tells him you secure door house & see to it that no one should come to meet me inside till i am resting & he accepts prabhu’s advise saying will take care of it properly.
King naresh arrives asking the person, who is securing the door that your house is looking like a palace so how come you immediately became so rich & he says with blessings of prabhu. King naresh tells him i wish to meet vinayakji but he does not allow him telling it’s prabhu’s orders & he gets annoyed saying i knew he is here to impress people to squeeze my rule but the person tells him what is your’s which is all prabhu’s given & we are only their servers. Naresh asks him what you think about him as you are appreciating him so much & he says i have faith & it reminds naresh about vinayak had told him earlier to keep faith in him & all will happen good so he understands & pleads him for allowing to meet vinayak but he again refuses saying i am helpless & king asks him what i should do to make him meet me but also reminds what vinayak had told him about meditating & he runs to do prayers for vinayak which surprises his devi.
Narantak gets signal of king naresh doing prayers of his prabhu vinayak so he gets up from sleep angrily & goes wildly on battlefield while rishi understands & assures him that i know how to destroy his faith & he goes to stop king naresh while vinayak is resting & understanding what all happening.
Rishi comes to stop king naresh wildly who is continuously performing prayers for vinayak but he does not stop & he is explaining his devi too but in vain so he gets converted into an asoor which shocks devi & she tries to stop him but he pushes her & she warns king naresh but he says prabhu will help me & asoor moves to behead king but suddenly vinayak holds his hands by which devi relaxes smiling.

Precap : Vinayak tells naresh you have done pooja singing trouble clearing prayers of mine so now your trouble is my trouble & will go to fight with narantak on my own. As vinayak shows his form to narantak & narantak challenges vinayak jumping to attack him but vinayak shoots his weapon instantly cutting his neck which goes & falls in their palace in front of devantak which shocks him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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