Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh is meditating for new phase.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh meditating & ganesh’s image turned into shri Krishna through narayan is explaining dev rishi narad & woman veerja that ganesh’s meditation will bless this world.
Radha is praying her image of shri Krishna on a stone made by her & she is pleading him to come for her soon & as she is watching Krishna in water also so becomes happy while ganesh makes it vanish & radha becomes shocked so keeps searching Krishna.
Krishna asks dev rishi why are you still wondering as you must have got my answers & no queries now so dev rishi tells Krishna that I won’t go from here until I see radha & Krishna tells him fine. Dev rishi also asks Krishna where is sudama for all this is used on his land so he says he is near his tulsi.
Tulsi plant is brought for the woman tulsi who will be for sudama & sudama is happily talking with tulsi & also appreciating her looks while dev rishi is searching radha as he sees krishna’s stone & thinks radha might be here & radha sees sudama as he is talking with tulsi & she asks him where is my shri Krishna but he does not listen to her due to involved in tulsi so radha gets angry & goes to search as sudama tells her where Krishna might be so radha finds Krishna but with veerja feeding him & radha gets angry on her so she gives her curse as she vanishes & dev rishi reminds what Krishna had told him that this curses will start through ganesh’s meditation powers so radha gives curse to sudama also of taking birth from asoor lok & also will lead a very poor life. Radha also curses tulsi who will also take birth in human form. Sudama then tells radha this was not good & injustice for only small mistake which was accepted by us then too giving so big curse then you too will have to face curse that both of you will also take birth in this lok but will always stay separated with each other so Krishna & radha feels very depressed by this curse & sudama starts feeling wrong about what such kind of curse I have given to my mother & Krishna which is disgusting thing done by me & pleads for forgiveness for giving such a curse then Krishna explains sudama to not to worry as this kind of curse is also good for all of us as you will take birth but will devote for me while tulsi will take birth but will be as a plant.
Krishna is explaining sudama & tulsi that this is done by ganesh itself which you will understand when you take birth as decided.
Paravati mata asks mahadev when ganesh will become free & so much time has passed still ganesh is in meditation & mahadev tells her this is only first phase finishing of ganesh’s meditation which is betterment of this world itself so to not to worry about.
Indra & gods are feeling some havan going on of two different people wherein the stormy weather is passing & goes to ask help from narayan as ganesh is in meditation so narayan tells them this is new phase which is going to start so to not to worry which is happening through paramavataar shri Krishna.
Narayan immerges for a raja & a middle class human person who are performing yagna for him expecting child so narayan blesses them as one son & one daughter.
Krishna tells sudama that you will take birth as son to middle class human & tells tulsi also that you will take birth as daughter to a raja’ family but won’t forget my meditation & you won’t remember about your this life in your next birth & this is happening by ganesh’s meditation for such new phase to begin.
Krishna tells radha that I’ll take birth for new phase to start with lot of people coming in this phase getting curses of their good & bad deeds & will rule the planet.

Precap : Tulsi comes to pray ganesh pouring flowers on his feet. Ganesh tells tulsi that I give you curse of your flowers will never be used for me in future by anybody. Krishna is feeling pained about what ganesh said while tulsi gets depressed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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