Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Bhokat vinayak leaves & ganesh comes to meet mata aditi.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all praising & praying vinayak seeing his huge form & vinayak tells king naresh that now it’s time for me to leave due to the evils being killed & also blesses his devotee & naresh that whoever does meditation like you & have faith in me will be blessed by me getting all those he feels to get.
Vinayak says now my time is to meet my mata while she is waiting for me eagerly.
As vinayak moving in-between brahmadev emerges in form of ganesh telling him now it’s time for you to leave from there & also tells mata aditi that now vinayak’s work is completed so as per decided he has to leave from there but vinayak tells him that i have promised her so let me meet her once while mata aditi also tells pleads brahmadev to let me meet my son only once to hug & love him but brahmadev promises her that vinayak will come to meet you in form of ganesh till then he has to leave & vinayak vanishes as mata aditi keeps weeping for him.
Ganesh gets ready to meet mata aditi while mata paravati is expressing her feeling to mata laxmi saying that mata will love him so much that might be ganesh will forget me but laxmi mata is calming her explaining about true love which never ends.
Ganesh comes to meet mata aditi thinking will she recognize me in ganesh’s form while mata aditi is doing pooja of vinayak having laddoo plate in her hands.
Ganesh calls her as she is holding the plate & looks behind but feels her emotions might be playing with her & prays vinayak’s idol emotionally crying to see him physically.
Mata paravati is crying in front of mata laxmi saying why i allowed ganesh to go to meet mata aditi who is waiting eagerly for him & mata laxmi says i can understand your pains but mata paravati says you can’t understand my pain of a son’s leaving his mata & mata laxmi feels depressed due to she doesn’t have child.
Mata aditi is held by ganesh telling her i have come & she gets emotional seeing him as she hugs him crying while mata paravati watching thinks of leaving towards him but mata laxmi stops her to not to do this while paravati says he is my son & she will squeeze him by her love.
Ganesh gives mata aditi garland which was given by mata paravati to give her as gift from you & she gets very delighted getting it from him.
Mata paravati shouts mata laxmi to not to stop her from going to get back ganesh as mata aditi will definitely squeeze him from me but mata laxmi again & again trying to calm her & mata paravati is continuously saying you won’t understand what kind of love is of mata’s towards her child & she gets very depressed hearing words of mata paravati while remembers about Vishnu saying ganesh is lucky to have two mata’s feeling i too am a woman so why away from child’s love.
Mata paravati leaves on the way to get back ganesh while mata aditi talking with ganesh happily sitting besides him & rishi kashyap also comes asking is all love for mother only & he prays rishi kashyap.
Mata laxmi goes back to narayan telling him i could not stop mata paravati due to unstoppable love for ganesh.
Mata aditi asks ganesh what all happened about narantak & devantak to tell & he thinks mata does not understand still that i am in form of ganesh now but he enjoys chatting with her & also goes to bring flowers for her. Ganesh is plucking flowers while mata paravati comes behind him but thinks ganesh will see me & run towards me to hug but he plucks & runs towards mata aditi & mata paravati gets depressed.
Ganesh is putting flowers on path of mata aditi on entrance of hut & mata aditi looks towards him so joyfully & emotionally while narayan appreciates to mata laxmi about ganesh saying he is so lucky for getting to serve for two mata’s.
Ganesh is talking about what all happened in kashi & making her sleep silently while mata paravati arrives in front of him as ganesh is shocked to see mata paravati outside hut.

Precap : To see ahead story of ashta-vinayak.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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