Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Tulsi disturbs meditation of ganesh.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a son child takes birth for warrior’s meditation as decided by Krishna through sudama while a girl child takes birth to a raja naming her as tulsi. Dev rishi asks Krishna you said tulsi will take birth in form of a plant then how come in human girl form?
Tulsi is taking away small statue with her when her parents are praying god vasudeo & they watch her so they tell her gods place is this but she says no as it’s with me & I’ll keep him always with me.
Krishna explains dev rishi that I had said there will be some more curses to be faced & dev rishi is surprised.
Tulsi tells her father raja that I’ll devote myself when I grow up, to my god Krishna forever with decorating various type of flowers around him always & her father is happy with her thoughts.
Tulsi grows up & moving around in jungle where she sees a warrior practicing his weapon art & thinks it’s my shri Krishna & watches him gladly. Tulsi takes flowers to decorate near Krishna but her father tells her you forgot to bring some flowers for whom you are going to achieve which he loves & she gets depressed.
The warrior who is practicing weapon art is explained by his father how to achieve what he wishes & not only with these weapons but with meditation too.
Tulsi is explained by her father saying you are restless woman towards your Krishna so to make yourself stable first you have to do meditation for prabhu narayan while here the warrior’s father too advises him to do meditation for brahmadev to achieve your goal in life. So both go to their meditation to start.
The warrior is meditating for brahmadev while tulsi is meditating for prabhu vasodeo Krishna. Tulsi is restless how to start as dev rishi is watching her saying she can’t make her stable but finally she makes her final form changing in various ways & chants mantra of prabhu vasudeo Krishna.
The warrior came in this phase as sudama from last phase is meditating for brahmadev while indra is getting restless watching him.
Krishna says the time will come for ganesh’s marriage proposal to open.
Ganesh is changing his form in a huge vignharta form sitting on kamal flower while all gods are praying ganesh’s form & mahadev tells paravati mata that ganesh’s meditation is nearing for completion.
Tulsi is following a fly which is pulling her towards ganesh but she is thinking it’s Krishna who is pulling her towards him while dev rishi thinks she is going towards ganesh who if gets disturbed he’ll curse her.
All gods & goddesses are feeling what tulsi is upto & paravati mata too thinks she is pretending krishna in ganesh so to help her stop as she is keeping on moving towards ganesh thinking Krishna but she is stopped by mahadev.
Dev rishi also thinks to stop tulsi by doing wrong but dev rishi is also stopped telling what I had said that let this happen as this is fate to face.
Tulsi reaches near ganesh as she is seeing ganesh in form of Krishna but ganesh immerges in his form holding flute like Krishna & she is appreciating krishna’s form like ganesh & telling ganesh how happy she is to meet him feeling Krishna & also explains her devotion towards Krishna as she loves him a lot so she puts her proposal for marriage to ganesh & ganesh gets wild on her disturbing his meditation saying you have disturbed me for your selfish wish of marriage & I am here for meditation & also I am not wishing to marry in my life which i wish to spend as a brahmachari & she gets annoyed saying I spent all my life for your devotion so you cannot do this & she curses ganesh that you have to do two marriages while ganesh is shocked. All gods & goddesses are also shocked & wondering how ganesh will react now.

Precap : Ganesh tells tulsi that due to mistake you have done to disturb my meditation you will be cursed that you will get converted into a plant tulsi which will never be used to perform my pooja.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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