Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Sudama as shankchur gets three wishes from brahamdev.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tulsi giving curse to ganesh saying you have to perform two marriages in your life if I do not get my Krishna & all are shocked & shakened. Ganesh is explaining tulsi that you have not done only one mistake but several including cursing me & if at all you must have pure love towards Krishna then too you were unable to realize me due to blind in love & tulsi realizes ganesh & prays him but ganesh curses her saying you will get married to an asoor & also will get converted into a plant of tulsi which will never be used for my pooja.
Tulsi reminds her curse given to her by radha & also what her father had explained about her behavior being fluctuating. Tulsi pleads ganesh for her forgiveness but ganesh refuses then too she tells ganesh I’ll meditate for you but to take back your words of me not to getting married to an asoor giving name of mata paravati to him & she chants mantra for ganesh pouring flowers on him & ganesh blesses her but tells her then too it’s not possible for me to take back my curse & ganesh reminds about krishna intimating him about tulsi plant so ganesh tells her that it can happen that you will take birth as a plant in next birth which all woman will pray outside their houses but will not be used in my pooja & you will also get the opportunity to get tied with shri Krishna but before that you have to spend life as a wife of an asoor who will come with the proposal to marry you like you came for me here & also you have to meditate for shri Krishna in that life. Tulsi accepts ganesh’s proposal & leaves thanking for forgiveness.
All gods are delighted with ganesh’s decision.
Krishna praises ganesh thanking & saying it’s because of you I have got this blessing & freed from my wish to get the path open for my shaligram too. Ganesh says but I got the curse of two marriages because of it then krishna says it’s good as your way got open for your marriage & may be this is lesson for the world too to learn from.
Mata paravati is happy saying whatever happened has alteast opened way for my ganesh & now I’ll enjoy this phase of ganesh’s marriage too & mahadev too praises it.
Tulsi sits seeing shri Krishna for meditation for him while Krishna watches her & dev rishi is praising tulsi meditating for shri Krishna with pure dedication but Krishna asks dev rishi is it what you think? While some women are moving from her meditation place saying see how Krishna is playing flute but she does not get disturbed by anything as dev rishi feels confused but finally feels now tulsi cannot be disturbed & Krishna tells dev rishi she is having blessings of shri ganesh but there is one more meditation going on of sudama who is shankchur an asoor born to asoor person who is sent by Krishna in this life through ganesh for change of phase & doing meditation for brahmadev. Shankchur is meditating while devraj indra & all other gods are confused about his meditation should not get successful.
Ganesh’s sisters in laws are playing with him about his marriage as he is complaining mata paravati about them. Devraj indra & all gods come to complain about shankchur to ganesh & mata paravati saying he’ll become stronger than we are if his meditation succeeds but they ignore them saying it’s his meditation for which he’ll be blessed & we can’t stop this.
Brahmadev gets impressed by shankchur’s meditation & goes to ask him three wishes as indra & gods are confused what he’ll ask now so shankchur asks brahmadev first one as to make him a strongest warrior in this world more than any god & brahmadev blesses him as he also tells brahmadev that his other two wishes should be secret which nobody should know & brahmadev accepts his advice so he tells second one as I should not be killed by any god & if anyone tries to kill me then should get saved so brahmadev tells him myself & narayan will save you if it happens but finally if mahadev comes then you might get killed. Then he thinks of third wish while indra asks ganesh what he could had asked about his wishes & ganesh says may be not more than to be undefeated & shankchur asks brahmadev that I should be alive forever but brahmadev tells him this is human birth & naturally you have to die so I cannot bless you with this wish but yes I can give you blessings that you’ll marry a married woman who dedicates herself to you then you’ll be alive forever & he feels happy with it while indra asks ganesh how can this happen but ganesh tells that to not to worry as if anybody does any evil deed then all wishes are vanished from his life to make him simple again.
Brahamdev leaves while shankchur gets delighted with his wishes shouting happily saying no god can kill me now nor defeat me. He thinks now where will I get such a woman?

Precap : Shankchur sees tulsi doing meditation & wonders who can this woman be so he asks her who are you & proposes for marriage as she gets surprised but remembers that an asoor will come to propose her for marriage. Krishna thinks that tulsi will get married to shankchur which will make her convert into the plant tulsi by which ganesh’s motive will succeed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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