Vivah – Ek Vaibhav With SSK and Swaragini (Suyamvar)

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Scene 1


Simar stands at the balcony and keep thinking of prem. She develops a character of her own and continue to think about him. Roli come there…

Roli: Didi, are you ok? Are you thinking about anything?

Simar: Nothing important Roli. I was just thinking about Prem.

Roli: Oh ho….

Simar: Shut up Roli…

Roli teases her.

Roli: Didi, even I want him to come to suyamvar and I wish he should win you.

Swara and Ragini come there calling as simar di…

Swara: Roli, just now we got the news. Prem is not going to attend the event.

Simar gets shocked.

Sharmishta and Meena come there…

Sharmishta: Swara, why are you discussing about this here? Simar’s correct suitor will be decided by the suyamvar. You don’t worry. Don’t make her tense.

Simar hugs her…

Just then Shekar and Jamanlal comes…

Shekar: We have good news for you.

Sharmishta: What?

Shekar: Our guruji has come to our place. He is staying at panditji’s ashram.

The girls get happy.

Meena: Why you people are excited this much?

Roli: Because, Prem is also here.

Sharmishta: What? Prem?

Swara: Ha ma, panditji told that prem and sidharth are with guruji. They went to ganga river to do some pooja itseems.

Jamanlal: Swara is right. Even they both have come here. But I want the girls to get blessings from guruji and to do seva for him.

Simar: Ji papa, we will go and meet guruji.

Shekar: Simar beta, please take food cooked by you to the ashram.

Simar: Ok chachaji.

The elders leave…

Roli: Di……I’m very happy. We will go immediately.

Ragini: Ha, we will help you in cooking and let’s go fast.

The girls cook…

After some time, they take food and go to ashram…

The girls get blessings from Guruji.

Guruji introduces them to Sidharth.

Guruji: Where is prem?

Sidharth: Guruji, he went to fetch water from river for pooja.

The girls give food to pandit’s wife.

Simar feels disappointed for not meeting Prem.

Roli and Sidharth run to each other. They hit their heads.

Roli: Can’t you watch and come properly?

Sidharth: Even, I can ask you the same question?

Roli: You are raising voice on me itself? I’m Simar di’s sister.

Sidharth: Don’t even call you as her sister. She has a golden heart but you…

Roli: Hello…What are you speaking?

Ragini and Swara see Roli and Sidharth fighting. They come and ask Roli to come.

Swara: I’m sorry on Roli’s behalf.

Sidharth: No need to ask sorry.

Simar too come there.

Simar: I heard a lot about your brother. I was excited to meet him but it didn’t happen.

Sidharth: Even we both heard many good things about you. /he would be coming now. You can wait for little more time.

Simar: But panditji’s wife has arranged for a pooja in a temple at eve. I’m leaving there for arrangements. I hope that I will meet Prem soon. My heart tells that.

Guruji calls Sidharth and he leaves.

The sisters go to temple for arrangements.

Simar goes to river to fetch water.

Her heart beats so fast…She turns and see but finds no one there. She sees a man going far. She then takes water and goes.

Prem goes to ashram. While he eats food, his heart also beats fast. He wonders what it means.

At eve,

Pooja starts at Maa Amba temple!!!

Simar and swara does the pooja…

they sings amba songs…

Prem and Sidharth come there.

Simar’s heart skips. She feels restless. She turns and sees Prem coming. Seeing him, she is lost in thoughts. She lost herself. Prem comes near her. He too gets lost seeing her. They both have an eyelock…

Sidharth comes….

Sidharth: Prem, she is the princess and it is for her the suyamvar going to take place. And he is my brother Prem. You told the meet will happen and it happened now.

Simar and Prem look at each other….

Prem: Even I had the same desire…

Guruji, jamanlal and Shekar come there. They greet each other. Prem and Sidharth seek blessings from Jamanlal and Shekar.

Prem: Uncle, we heard that your father had a great warrior skill.

Jamanlal: Yes beta. He is one warrior whose name is etched in Indian history.

Jamanlal and Prem have a great bonding. Seeing this Simar gets happy.

Simar: Thank you maa Amba for bringing him here.

All pray to god…

The next day…

Simar comes near river. She sees Prem there.

Simar: Prem ji, what are you doing here?

Prem: Your place is just awesome.

Simar: Yes, this place has abundant natural sceneries and good environment.

Prem: Shall I ask you something?

Simar: Yes sure…

Prem: Are you in any social media?

Simar: No. We use mobile only if emergency. We talk with people and spend time with them rather to be immersed in social media world. And what about you?

Prem: Even, I’m not there. We also follow the same tradition as your family.

Simar smiles. They both enjoy nature.

The next day.

Suyamvar day…

Simar gets ready.

Roli: Didi, you look great.

Simar feels tense.

Ragini: I’m getting tensed. Prem should come here.

Swara: Let’s hope for the best.

Meena comes there and takes her to suyamvar mandap.

The stone is kept in a place.

All the respective suitors from various Rajavansh family are seated. Simar searches for Prem. But she couldn’t find him. She gets disappointed but still she hopes that he should come.

Roli: I know what your eyes are searching? It is searching for Prem right? He is your Ram. Definitely he will come here.

Just then Prem, Sidharth and guruji come there.

Prem and Sidharth fold their hands before the stone.

Guruji: I came here to witness Simar’s suyamvar and also wanted them to see this stone.

Jamanlal ask them to get seated.

The suyamvar begins!!!

Everyone tries to lift the stone but couldn’t.

One boy starts arguing.

Boy: This event is not fair.

All the boys start to argue.

Another boy: No one in this world can lift this stone. You are making a joke here. You are wasting our time that too for this girl. We came to know that this girl is not your own child.

Simar and others get angry. Shekar scolds him.

Jamanlal sees Simar.

Simar: Papa, I came to know this long before. But I didn’t ask. I know you people love me a lot. I don’t want to hurt you all.

Meena hugs her.

Shekar and Sharmishta feels proud.

Seeing this, Prem feels proud of simar.

Sidharth gets angry.

Sidharth: How can you say a girl like this? And also, the strength of everyone. My brother has the strength to lift this stone.

Prem sees Guruji. Guruji nods yes.

Sidharth: Come and lift this bro.

Prem get blessings from guruji and come to lift the stone.

Simar and everyone get happy. He lifts the stone. All enjoys!!!

The boys leave angrily….

Jamanlal: Simar, do you accept Prem as your suitor?

Simar nods yes with tears.

She happily puts varmala around his neck.

Prem: Uncle, I want you to send this news to my home and to my parents. Till their acceptance, I can’t accept this.

Jamanlal: Sure, we’ll send the news now itself.

The news reach Bharadwaj home.

Rajendra sees mail and gets happy. He tells everyone happily.

Sanskar and Laksh: That’s a great news.

All turn and see them both. Annapurna gets happy.

Sanskar: We came at correct time.

Sujatha: How is your grandfather?

Sanskar: He is fine badima.

Annapurna: It’s my prem’s wedding. I want everything to be perfect.

Durgaprasad: I’ll arrange our travel to Udaipur.

Nirmala thanks god for this!!!

Nirmala: All pack your stuff. Sujatha and Annapurna, you go to shop and buy the necessary jewels and sarees to be gifted to bahu.

Sujatha nods and leaves.

In Udaipur, Prem leaves with Guruji to the Ashram. Simar sees him…

!!!To Be Continued!!!

Precap: Sidharth helps Roli. Swara and Sanskar gets indulged in a fight. Ragini and Laksh have an eyelock!!!






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