Walking together through the memory lane – Episdode 12 (Samaina FF)

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12. Carnival Wala Bonding….

Arjun, Shefali, Sameer, Naina, Swati, Munna, Preeti, Pandit, Sonakshi are sitting round the table and discussing their past consequences. 

Arjun: Naina, are you going to write about us too?

Naina: Yeah, of course. After breakup, we all witnessed your love story only. But we don’t write as Arjun-Shefali but as some other imaginary names.

Sameer: Yeah, though the story is based on our life, the character names are imaginary. But sometimes I feel that breakup is good indeed.

Naina: Why Sameer?

Sameer: Only because of that specific breakup, we came to know many of the people surround us are love birds

Naina: Right, Sameer. I came to know that only after few months of breakup that Arjun and Shefali are loving eachother and even Swati and Munna too.

Sonakshi: (laughs) But none of them know you both were the seniors in talking secretely through phone.

All laughs at them. Samaina gets shy.

Shefali: Naina, is this the reason why you again joined FB?

Preeti: Probably yes. She didn’t even inform me about Sameer.

Munna and Pandit: But everyone at school know Sameer-Naina conversation.

Naina: Sameer is the one who said to keep this as a secret but he is a blabbermouth.

Munna and Pandit laughs at Sameer.

Saturday, December 2014

Sameer, Munna and Pandit were going to their classes.

Munna says, ” Guys, I have hidden you an important thing.” Pandit – “What? Are you loving anyone?” Munna stands shocked and thinks that how could he know that. Sameer – “We know that you’re loving someone.” He laughs.

Pandit – “Always, you would chat privately and never let us come near you while you were answering HER call.” He gives Munna a sarcastic look. Sameer – “Are we right, Munna?” Munna nods blushing.

Pandit and Sameer pinches his ears lightly. Munna – “Awww…” Munna – “Ok, just leave that matter. Now I am loving her sincerely.” Pandit – “Who is your Heer, Mister.Ranjha?” Munna blushes. Sameer – “Have you taken any penance to blush for next thousand years? Just come into the matter” says sarcastically

Munna – “She is Swati from Ahmedabad.”

Sameer – “Even Naina is from Ahmedabad. How did you both bond?” (Sameer narrated his breakup to Munna and Pandit)

Munna – “We both are going to same tuition everyday”

 November 2013, Munna was sent tuition because of his low marks in Maths. He too go there reluctantly. The tuition seems no less than a classroom. He felt so bored to attend until he saw Swati who is also attending the tuition for more than a year. She was sitting at the first bench but never raised her voice in tuition out of shy in outdoors although she knew answers. Munna was admired of her beauty, her silent face, dark brown eyes and her ponyail hair. He started to gaze at her. Then he started to create nuisance in class to get Swati’s attention. He too gets succeed. She was admired of his comical sense and his infectious smile.

Pandit: Oh, so you impressed her within few days.

Munna: Correction. It takes almost 3 months.

Sameer: Oh, thats common.

Pandit: Yeah, love guru is saying. Its always correct (Sarcastcially)

Munna: Then, I proposed Swati. She didn’t accept it soon. She asked some time and I waited. After ten days, She approved my love. She asked me for a bike ride…

Pandit: Oh, hero… You’re rocking. How much did you travel?

Munna: We travelled only for two minutes. She feared that relatives would see🥶🥶

Sameer: So, then what happened?

Munna: One day, her parents gone to Kashi for pilgrim. She stayed alone in her house.

Sameer and Pandit: hey…..Is everything over? (chorous)

Munna: Shut your dirty mind… Basically we are from cultured family. (adjusted his collar) We go to mountain and gave a titanic pose. (He shows one of their pics to them)

Then I gave some of my mom-cooked foods  to her. We both studied together. She solved my studies related doubts and my grades too improved a lot. Thats why, I am with you.

Sameer: All the best to you, Munna. When will you show her to us?

Munna: Today evening….. at park…as today is carnival

Pandit: Oh, from now onwards you are Instant Munna…

The boys laugh and share a hug. Munna informs Swati to come to the tuition place at 6 PM as his friends wish to meet her. Swati too informs thats she shall bring her friends to introduce to him.

Swati gets excited to meet Munna and his friends. Swati goes to inform Naina and Preeti to their home at evening 5 PM.

Swati: Hey, Preeti. I have to talk something important to you. Where is Naina?

Preeti: Naina is not at home. Sonakshi di and she went to market. It takes hours to return home.

Swati: Uff… Why would she go to market today? Can’t she go someother day? Let me see her tomorrow. Okay, Get ready and we are going to park.

Preeti: Why? So suddenly..

Swati: Yeah, there is someone to introduce to you and Naina. Maybe Naina couldn’t join us, but you must come.

Preeti gets ready and informed Bela and she warned her to return back home soon. On the way, Swati narrates her love story to Preeti. Swati – “He is Munna from Ahmedabad with a killer smile and lots of comic sense. I love him so much. Its been almost 1 year since we loved.”

Preeti – “But why didn’t you inform me about that?”

Swati – “I thought of revealing it to you after our bond gets strong. Sorry, baby.”

They both had some catfghts and they resolved.

They came to the park where Munna, Sameer and Pandit were waiting for them.

Munna kneels down and gifts her a teddybear. She smiles and gets that teddybear and gets extremely happy but controlled herself and thanked Munna.

Pandit: Oh, Munna. You are selected a good girl as your beloved.

Sameer: You both (Munna-Swati) are looking amazing.

They both introduced their friends to each other and they greeted eachother by shaking hands. Munna and Swati go to some local shops of Carnival and enjoy the games like bubble shooter

and he wins cotton candy for Swati.

They hug eachother.

Carnival Track is to be continued….



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