Walking together through the memory lane – Episode 9 (Samaina FF)

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9. Sameer’s step to impress Naina to next level

July 2014,

Sameer got admission in an Engineering College near his hometown.

Sameer gets a ray of hope to win Naina back. TheCollege Facebook conversation and Phone Conversation gets extended for hours. Naina is studious so she is always cautious about her studies and her bond with Sameer.

Sameer: Naina, who is favorite hero ?

Naina: My favorite is Emraan Hashmi, Sameer.

Sameer: Even mine too. See there are so many similarities between you and me. Our brush colour is red, same brand perfume, chappal, hero, heroines, villains, directors etc. Most of the things matches.

Naina (thinks): Why is he so silly? He himself changed his favorite hero from Hrithik to Emraan, changes his brush colour, everything.  I don’t know why, but I like his silly mannerisms. He is so cute by the way.

Naina: Yeah Sameer. (smiles)

After the end of the call, Sameer thought, “I should do something manly or heroic to impress her. What shall I do? Whatever it may be, but she should get flat after seeing that.”

He thought of doing some kind of bike stunts. This is the time when Varun Dhawan’s Tu Mera Hero bike sequence stole many girls heart. He thought of re doing it. Actually his plane is to send his bike stunt video to Naina and impressing her by his masculinity.

He lie on his friend’s bike for trial. He could not balance well. If his mother came to know about his heroic stunts, definitely she would break his legs. Actually Sameer fears for his parents. So he thought of skipping this stunt.

Then he thought of doing some other stunts with the help of his friends. Its riskier than earlier stunt where Munna and Pandit rides bikes for each and Sameer should keep his both legs and each bike seat and bike is in motion. He thought of doing the stunt on any cost to impress her.

Munna: Sameer, I know you’re loving Naina, but its too much to do bike stunts to impress her.

Pandit: Yes, Sameer. Love is not a sin. But you should not do like this. If something happens, the guilt would stay in us.

Sameer: No boys, I have to impress her. Girls like bikes more and its a key to impress them.

The boys bought two bikes for rent and did the stunt successfully without any problems.

Even the video quality is so good. They did the stunt in ground but for the people who are seeing the video, it would be like in highways. On the spot, many girls are impressed with him. Some girls exclaimed, “What a man, macho!”

He send the video to Naina in Facebook. Sameer was waiting for her reply.

Naina opened the video and had a look at it. She was highly irritated by this video

. She actually liked (as a friend) because he is not like other boys who creates baseless stunts to impress girls or ragging others as heroism and even his flirt and conversation is cute and childish. Among many boys, Sameer stood unique for Naina because of his caring and sweet nature. She don’t even like films where nerds are shown as weak and foolish and the ‘so called hero’ would dominate him by showing his arms and muscles. Also the fight scenes don’t have any connection with Physics.

On the top of that, she is highly  worried for Sameer. He was the only child for his middle class parents. What if he fell down and creates wounds even he wears no helmet. She thought of scold him for his heroism

She rings Sameer. Sameer was happy to see her number and attends enthusiastically.

Naina: Sameer, what are you thinking of yourself? What if you have fallen down, there is no helmet in your head too. Are you a fool like that stupid Seenu (Varun’s character in Tu Mera Hero)? Don’t you have family or if someone else came on that road and if you have hit them means, you would be penalised, Sameer. Why can’t you understand? You’re just like typical boys who do typical bike stunts to impress girls. Think about you, Sameer. It is your life. These stunts are just temporary……

She starts advising him. Sameer gets lost in thoughts. He was sad that this stunt hasn’t impressed her but amazed to see her care and kindness towards him. Sameer actually wonders how he forget that Naina is not like other girls who would fall for hot beach bods or filthy rich guys. She would only see the personality and attitude. Sameer see his mother in his Naina’s anger mixed kindness attitude and it was actually justifiable. Because, mistake is on Sameer’s side as he didn’t obey his friends also.

Sameer: Sorry Naina. I won’t do any stupidity anymore. Thanks for clearing my mind about this Toxic masculinity.

Naina: Okay, Sameer. Be careful. Family is important.

The call has ended. Sameer is so happy. Don’t know whether he is happy when Naina is impressed of his video. He confirmed in subconscious mind that Naina is his lover. He thought of making her enter into his family. He introduced Naina as his lover to his Grandfather Jayaprakash and make him speak to her.

Naina was a shy girl to speak with his Grandfather but eventually their conversation turns sweet. They speak like real grandpa and granddaughter. Even if Sameer has got any minor work while speaking to  Naina, he would give his phone to his grandpa and they both speak for sometimes. Naina like Jayapraksh as her own grandpa as her grandparents are dead before her birth and now feeling the essence of this bond. Dadaji and Naina shared a special bond.

Sameer and Naina in Agarwals house with Sonakshi.

Sameer: After introducing you to my Dadaji, I was so happy. I thought of making you my wife with the help of Dadaji..

Naina: Such a sweet dadaji he is!

Sonakshi: Almost at that timeline, I entered your’s(Naina) house as your cousin.

Naina: Yeah, I still remember that.

Sameer: Actually I won’t share anything with my mom because she is such a terror lady. She is just like serial vamp but kind.

Naina: No Sameer. She was at the right level unlike Mohini aunty (The three laughs)

Sameer: Eventhough my dad is friendly, I respect him as dad so I hesiate to share. Thats why, I chose dadaji…

Naina: But what happened! You get caught in your house…

Sameer: Eventhough  I caught, you are affected the most.

Naina: That is the worst phase afterall. I can’t even believe even after such incident, Aunty and I are like mom-daughter duos. We are so close as like Bela Chachi.

November 2014, Diwali Time.

Jayaprakash shifted his house near Sameer’s house. Sameer usually stays with his grandpa than with his parents. Sameer starts to talk with Naina at night 8PM and it continues for hours till even at morning 11PM. Naina was in her room talking in a extremely husky voice still they had interesting conversation. He actually switched off his phone and speaking through call divert to Naina.

He was speaking to her standing outside of his house. Vishaka (Sameer’s mom) got cough suddenly so she thought to call Sameer to get Balm from Grandpa’s house. She was irritated as his phone is switched off. So, she came to grandpa’s house to ask him direct about balm. She is shell shocked as she didn’t find Sameer there. She searched him outside the house. About 100 metres far from house, Vishaka see Sameer standing (she didn’t see his phone).

Vishaka heads towards Sameer’s direction and he was speaking through phone sincerely.

To be continued….



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