Walking together through the memory lane: (Samaina FF) – Episode 4

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Let us get into the episode.

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4. Sameer and Naina’s conversation

Many of them asking Naina to explain her experiment. She explains it very well to each student. Sameer looks at the experiment. It occupies almost five tables. Sameer thinks – “Maybe just because to arrange, they might not have attended the inaugration ceremony.” The junior boy – “Bhai, is she my bhabhi.” Sameer pats his head with fake anger and asks him to go. He too leaves.

Sameer thinks – “I have to speak to her somehow within these two days. I should get her phone number too. But I fear to talk with her. What if she finds me wrong? Would she speak with boys? Of course, she is explaining to boys too but me…”

Sameer: I had so many hesitations to talk if you think like this or like that…

Naina: But Sameer, I got many friends in boys too from there.

Sameer shows fake anger. Naina smiles.

Whenever Sameer thinks of speaking gathering courage, some other student came for asking explanation. After deliberatively waiting for half-an-hour, he spoke, “Please explain this model.” Naina too explain as good as she could. But Sameer didn’t listen to her but is mesmerized with her eyes and her beauty. He even opens his mouth little in awe of her beauty. She explained it for some minutes. Then Sameer goes to the next model and Naina explains to other student. Eventhough he is standing some distance from Naina’s model, his eyes are looking only on Naina.

Naina noted that. Naina thinks, “Oh, wow. Am I looking like Princess? Many boys are looking only on me.” She adjusted her hair and applies some powder on her face. She shows some attitude while explaning like pronouncing normal English as too modernised. Swati  and Preeti wondered at her behaviour. Every normal girl is proud of her beauty and always wanted to highlight it to boy. Naina is also such a girl and she desired to get famous among boys.

Seeing that Sameer thinks – “Oh, she is showing attitude on me. Let me teach her a lesson.” She goes to other girls experiments and praised their experiment loudly so that Naina could hear that. Naina gets little jealous and her face becomes little red. Swati – “Naina, Your face is like a tomato.” Naina looks at her in anger but eventually Swati burst out laughing. Swati controls her laughter and pats Naina – “Naina, you are seriously funny when you get jealous. Ok leave it. You take rest for ten minutes. I shall explain to the viewers.” She still smiles. Naina thinks – “I don’t know how I get mental hospital patients as my friends”.

Ten minutes passed,

Sameer again comes and asks explanation regarding experiment. She too explains even well than before to seek his attention. Sameer praises her experiment a little. Naina feels good. Again Sameer asks explanation she too explains. This continues for almost 3 hours. For each ten minutes, Sameer would ask explanation. Naina was almost frustrated of his behaviour. Naina thinks – “What does this man think of my himself? Am I a machine?”. Sameer again comes and ask explanation. Naina’s irritation reaches next level. She says – “Please, my throat is almost paining. I explained this experiment for you almost 10 times. I too can’t explain even more. Or atleast say, which part, do you have confusion or say me how much you understand?”

Sameer stands blank. He only knows he was asking for explanation just to hear her voice and enjoy her beautiful eyes. Naina feels irritated even more but controls herself. Naina – “Please, bring some note. Even I write notes for you. Please don’t disturb. Even you too don’t have any use and my energy is also wasting now.” Her eyes glitters almost. Sameer felt guilty and without speaking anything he leaves.

Naina; Sorry baby, for scolding you on that day. (laughs again)

Sameer: I am so sad you know. (Fakes being hurt)

Naina: You know onething, I complained to our Shanti mam about this. 

Sameer: What?

Naina: Don’t worry. She said that it was our duty to do that. If the boys spoke anything wrong, tell me and she would complain to authority. Also, I didn’t say your name. I  know you are sad after I spoke even until next day afternoon, you didn’t come.

Sameer: Who said like that? Even I was there after your insult. But I was hiding and enjoying your beauty. 

Naina: You are shameless.

Sameer: Thats why I got a shameless wife.

Naina: How dare you? 

Sameer: Don’t start WWE now. Let us continue our story-writing.

Sameer didn’t speak to Naina until the next day afternoon. But still he was looking at her. Now it is prize distribution time. Everyone were sitting at the auditorium. Naina’s school got first prize in the competition. Her school guys got the prizes. Shanti Mam – “Naina, you go now and dismantle our project. Only by then, we could reach school atleast by evening 7.” Naina nods and goes. Sameer follows her.

Naina gets into the experiment hall and starts to dismantle the project. Sameer from her behind – “Excuse me…” Naina looks back and shocked to see Sameer. Naina stammers. Sameer – “Hey, don’t afraid. I just want to apologize for what I did.” Naina stands silent. Sameer – “I am sorry Naina.” Naina – “Its ok.” Sameer – “Shall I help you dismantling the project?” Naina – “Ok, please remove those screws and nuts in the front bench part.” The whole experiment is silent and only Sameer and Naina were there.

Naina actually wanted Sameer to stand infront of her becasue she feared that he would misbehave if he stands behind me. They finish dismantling. Sameer takes two five rupee diary milk and offers to Naina. Sameer – “Please take it as I hurt you yesterday.” Naina stands silent and confused whether to accept or not.

Sameer – “Oh come on, I didn’t mix anything in this chocolate. Trust me, Naina.” She gets the chocolate and keep in her pocket.

Naina: Actually, I hesitate to get diary milk because my favorite is Kit-Kat.

Sameer: I know that. But didn’t expect that you’re too silly. Hare Rabba…..

Sameer – “Can you give me your Phone Number?” He asked directly without much hesitation. He don’t know whether he loves Naina but he wants to be in touch with her. Naina was shocked. Sameer thinks – “She is getting shock always. Shall I name her Shock Sundari?…… No need it sounds local.”

Sameer – “Don’t worry. I just asked to inform you about Science Camps and Exhibitions. My uncle knows where these competitions occurs. some of them are giving scholoarships too for young students like. If you don’t want, no need……..” He stresses the last sentence. Naina thinks – “Oh, this buffoon gave me chocolate for my Phone Number. Such a idiot is he. Naive Sacrifice boy.”

Naina – “Sorry, I don’t have phone.”

Sameer – “No problem, I give my phone number.”

He tears a paper from his note and write his number with his name and handover to Naina.

Sameer – “Will you keep it safe? Or shall I write once more?”

Naina – “No, I’ll keep it safe.”

Sameer – “Do you have Facebook ID?”

Naina denies.

Sameer – “My facebook ID is ‘Sameer TheWizard’. If you hesitate to call me through phone, create an ID through FB and can speak with me.”

Naina – “Ok, Sameer.”

They shake hands and leaves.

Naina: But I actually put the paper in dustbin. (laughs)

Sameer: Even I know that.

To be continued……..



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