Walking together through the memory lane (Samaina FF) – Episode 8

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8. Is Sameer moving on or coming closer ?

Naina – “I have a boyfriend now. Can you please talk to him in conference?”

Sameer is shocked to know that Naina is commited to a boy. He said to his heart that he is not loving Naina but he didn’t like that she was commited. He couldn’t accept that.    Recently, he completed his 12th standard exams and waiting for his results. Sameer felt that it was too much for Naina to fall in love in school time itself. He did’t understand why is he possessive. He somehow understood partially that he was in one side-love with Naina and it had a break-up He thought of moving on from Naina. He thought of impressing another girl and not to disturb Naina’s love life.

Naina waited for his reply but he didn’t reply and switched off his phone.

Sameer said to himself, “Leave Naina in her path. I  already have a crush on one girl. Let me try to talk with her.”

Sameer has a crush on his junior girl, she is Priyal. Both studied at same school. His grandpa’s house is near to her house. She used to go to tuition for her 12th class nearby. He thought of proposing her on the way. He don’t want to wait as he feared that like Naina, she too would fall with some other boys. He prefered not to stay as Devdas.

He proposed to Priyal in a very simplistic manner not filmy. She also accepted his proposal. But they didn’t share any body contact like hugs or handshake. Daily they meet, they would talk something about their life. Sameer  get that spark when he was speaking to Naina but not with Priyal. Both of the conversations seems like interview questions like, ‘What is favorite colour, movie, etc.’ Sameer gets tired of her. Priyal feared for her parents. They spoke for almost 5 days.

On the sixth day, Sameer’s school called the parents and students to collect their SSLC Marksheet (Don’t ask me why don’t students have their 10th marksheet. I thought of writing explanation but it is coming almost 10 lines)

Naina: That is the place where Sameer’s whole image got damaged. (Laughs)

Sameer: Yeah, Actualy when we get into our Principal Mam’s room, she asked our parents to wait as she wish to talk about something important.

Naina: Then…

Sameer: My parents went out. Then she started to shout with me like a Bull. I don’t know why was she yelling at me. Then I stopped her and asked what I did I do.

Sameer: Mam, what did I do? I didn’t make any fault.

Mam: Oh, really. You flirted with Priyal and even you spoke bad words to her mom too.

Sameer: Mam, I didn’t do anything like that. I was loving Priyal actually. I haven’t ever met her parents yet now.

Mam: Then, are you saying that her mom is a liar?

Sameer knows that she believes blindly anything. So, he thought of stop arguing with her. He knows fake tears are the only weapon to fight with her.

Sameer: Mam, I am sorry for what I did. (fake tears)

Mam (touched by tears): Ok, Sameer. Leave it. Concentrate on your future life. Leave Priyal and concentrate on your passion.

Sameer was happy that his plan was successful but he didn’t even expect that Priyal would make such a lame complain on him.

Sameer: Girls actually take family as an excuse to escape from relationship. Actually through my another friend, I found that she made false tales to her parents and tried to get rid of me. If she herself told me that she dislike me, I would leave her afterall.

Naina: Ok, my boy. Leave her. After all, thats your first breakup for your Pavitra (Pure) One week love.

After returning to his grandpa’s house, he thought not to think of Priyal or not to love anyone. But his mind goes to Naina. He atleast wished to be Naina’s friend if not a soulmate. He never wished to lose Naina after this breakup. He thought of replying her. (I mean they are on phone call now)

Sameer: Yeah sure, Naina. I would speak to him.

Naina: Hi Sameer, What happened to you? Where were you one week?

Sameer: Actually, it was a family problem. Now its alright.

Naina thinks, “Oh, I thought he must have got possessive about my boyfriend. Thank god, he is not such a lame creature to get jealous of my boyfriend. Seriously, this man is awesome and cool.”

Naina: Are you sure?

Sameer reassures.

Naina rings to a boy. Sameer, Naina and the boy are in conference call. They spoke for sometime, Sameer spoke enthusiastically, without any hesitation. The call ends.

Sameer: Your boyfriend is so sweet, Naina. (reluctantly)

Naina: Sameer, he is not my boyfriend. Just my class friend. I thought of checking you, how would you react?

Sameer: What!

Naina: What! You have checked me what would be my reaction by calling me fake ID. So, its my Revenge. But anyways, you’re supercool. I thought you would get possessive of him. But nothing like that happen.

Sameer gets a relief. He thanks the god as it was just a prank. He get a hope that he would win Naina anytime soon.

Naina: Only at that time, I started to make fun of Sameer.

Sameer: Even it continues still now.

Vishaka and Vivek laughs.

Naina: But this shallow fool told me only some months ago about this one week love and breakup. Till then, I thought he was the super cool.

Sameer: Ok leave it. (puppy eyes)

Naina: But I missed you that week fully. I just longed for you that time, Sameer. 

Sameer looks at her romantically.

Naina: I missed for your lame  jokes and flirts. (Laughs louder)

The four disperses as it was time to sleep.

Sameer and Naina gets into their room. Sameer was lying on his bed.  Naina comes near him. Sameer asks – “What?” Naina – “Wake up early, tomorrow.” Sameer expected that she would kiss him but that didn’t happen. Naina too thought of kiss him but she leave him as he seems too tired. Sameer himself asked – “Please kiss me.” Naina – “You are shameless…” (feels happy) Sameer – “Please…..”

They share a eyelock and Naina kissed Sameer on his forehead. 

To be continued….






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