Walking together through the memory lane(Samaina FF) – Episode 5

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5. First Fight in Facebook

Sameer and Naina came to their respective houses. Sameer came to know that Naina studies at Pragati Vidya Ka Mandir and he is in Keshav Vidya Ka Mandir and almost 30 kilometers far.Sameer saw Naina throwing the phone number paper into the dustbin in the venue itself. Still he had a hope that she would contact through FaceBook after creating an ID.

Two months passed and Swati shifted to their own house,

Naina goes to her friend Shefali’s house that is afterall in down the floor of her house. Shefali is writting some hindi poems busily. After seeing her, Shefali welcomes her. Naina – “Shefali, do you use Facebook?”. Shefali – “Yeah Naina. I have an ID in that, ‘Shefali the Queen of Madness’.” Naina – “Atleast you’re true with your Username.” Shefali – “Let it be. Why are taking concern with these things?”

Naina reminded of Sameer and laughs. Naina thinks – “Sameer begged me so much on that day. Atleast for that cause, let me speak with him.” Naina – “Nothing dude. My class boys spoke about Facebook. What does it mean actually?”

Shefali – “Facebook is discovered by Mark Zuckerberg in 2008. He is an philanthropist….”

Naina – “Stop. I actually asked what shall we do in it? If I let, you would say all about his sasurals and parents”

Shefali – “It is actually a social media. For example, through this you can chat with a foriegn man or any guy from all over the world. Now most of the people are using Facebook. It is trending now. You can post photos of yours so that anyone could see it.”

Naina – “Oh, I see. I wish to use it. Please create an ID for me. My house still has no internet access and not even a PC. Only two months ago, for my brothers they bought PC. That is also for writting programs.”

Shefali – “Done. I am going to guide you and so you are going to create your ID. But be careful, don’t share anything private with strangers.”

Naina – “Yeah ok. Shefali, this Facebook is private among us. Please don’t say to anyone. Otherwise, Tauji and my father would fry me with their words itself.” (laughs)

Naina created an ID called ‘Naina in Facebook’.

During that the two months gap, Sameer’s crush on Naina spreaded rapidly among his classmates and friends. Sameer and his classmates are using Facebook since many months. Sameer waited for Naina and even he had gave friend request for all IDs having the name ‘Naina’ and in one point, Facebook Authority restricted his account from giving Friend Requests. But none of the IDs are the Naina Agarwal he admired.

Several times, Munna and Pandit pranked him by creating fake IDs with the name ‘Naina Agarwal’ and flirted him. Without knowing that was his friends, he carried the conversation romantically. After a week, they revealed to Sameer that it was a prank. These kinds of pranks are usual. Even Sameer had created fake  girl IDs and flirted with Munna, Pandit and almost all of his classmates and pranked them.

Naina remembers his Facebook Id well. ‘Sameer – The Wizard’. She found his ID and look through his details. Naina thinks seeing his photos – “Oh, this boy is full of attitude but still cute in beard.” He openly shared all his details that made her wonder as this things contradicts what Shefali said (sharing infos). Shefali went to market so that she is all-alone in her house.

Naina texted him – “Hi..”

Sameer was actually Online. After seeing her ID, he gets happy. He too replied with saying “Hi.”

Naina texted – “I am Naina. We met on that exhibition and you gave your Contact Number.”

Sameer replied – “Oh, I see.”

Sameer gets doubt that it might be his friends for pranking.

Sameer texts – “Is that really Naina?” Naina approves.

Sameer – “How could I believe you? You are an fake ID”

After seeing that message, Naina was agitated.

Naina – “How dare is he? I created an ID for this fool for two hours. And this idiot is showing attitude on me and asking whether it is me or not and sayingmy ID is fake. No need Facebook or Shoe-book.”

Naina texted – “Fool”. She logged out of her account and leaves in mood-out.

Sameer: Actually Naina. I was pranked…

Naina: What idiotic pranks? Can’t you ask that in a polite manner? Like, my friends would prank me using your name, so please confirm whether that is you or not. But what you asked…

Sameer: Baby, I had self-respect that I don’t want be fooled in that situation.

Naina: You and your self-respect. I don’t think really you had that. You must have sold your self-respect for lease.

Sameer: You know what, after one week, I asked my friends about this prank. They promised strongly that they didn’t created that one. Then only I realized that it was you and becomes sad.

Naina: At least, fool gets wisdom at last time.

Sameer: You’re a fool. Actually after that I messaged you constantly, but you didn’t even reply.

After two weeks, Naina logged into her ID and surprised to see his messages. Almost 200 texts he would have sent for her. Naina thinks – “Oh, this boy finally regretted his mistake. But why would he messaged me these many times. Why is he giving top priority to me?” Naina reads all the messages taking her own time. She too forgives him because she too feel pity for him and also without knowing her, he likes his foolish talks.

Sameer: See you had love on me on that day itself. Thats why you came to FB. (raises his collars in pride)

Naina: Not actually. I came there because Swati and some of my friends joined FB and also there are many handsome boys using FB. So, just to watch those hunks I came FB(giggles).

Sameer: But atlast you spoke to me ONLY.

Naina and Sameer smiles.

To be continued…..

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