What’s your take on upcoming surrogacy track in YRHPK?

Star Plus

Star Plus’ Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke will have a new track of surrogacy. Abir and Mishti’s lives will face big troubles. Mishti’s physical weakness gets known to Abir. He gets much worried that she can never bear a child. Mishti’s reports shock him to the core. Abir wants to find a way to reveal the truth to Mishti. His heart shatters in pain. He was dreaming to have a baby very soon. Abir decides to leave his dreams for the sake of Mishti’s happiness. He wants to keep her happy at all times.

The truth gets known to Mishti and the entire family. Mishti requests Kuhu to become Yashoda for her baby. She wants Kuhu to give birth to her baby by becoming her surrogate. Kuhu denies to help Mishti. Kunal gets upset with Kuhu for rejecting Mishti’s plea. There will be a new entry in the show. The girl will become Mishti’s surrogate. The show will get ahead with the upcoming twists. There maybe twists of Mishti falling into a conspiracy. It will be known if someone is plotting against Mishti. Mishti will get emotionally blackmailed to leave from Abir’s life. Abir and Mishti’s happy dreams of a child get destroyed by the sudden sorrow. What’s your take on upcoming surrogacy track in YRHPK? Let us know your opinion.

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