Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh learns Saransh’s fears

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prisha singing. Rudra and Saransh fall laughing. Pyaar ke yeh bandhan…..plays…. Saransh sleeps. Prisha worries. Rudra says he will get a good sleep. She thinks not to tell anything to Rudra. Ahana gets a message from association secretary. She says someone has been infected and there are guidelines for everyone. Mishka asks what. Ahana says I have a clue of my next plan, if the secretary knows about Prisha, who is virus infected. Mishka says it means Prisha has to go to hospital, she will be out of this house. Ahana says I won’t let Prisha win, you are finished. Rudra wakes up and sees the wet bed. He says Saransh has wet the bed, but in this age, Prisha didn’t tell me, he looked scared, Prisha will get disturbed. He changes Saransh’s pants and also the bedding. He puts Saransh to sleep. He says don’t be scared, I m with you. Its morning, Prisha wakes up and sees them sleeping.

She sees Saransh and says how did his pant changed, even the bedsheet isn’t same, how shall I wake up Rudra. She throws a cushion at Rudra. Rudra wakes up. He asks what happened. He asks why are you showing so much love, you could have called me. She says I didn’t think of that. She asks how did Saransh’s pant changed. He thinks she will get tensed. He says its same pant. She says you have changed the bedsheet also. He asks her not to see horror movies. She says don’t lie, I know Saransh is wetting the bed, he did this before. He asks why didn’t you say. She says I thought he did it by mistake, I thought you will take tension. He says that’s why I didn’t tell you. She says he is scared after Niketan’s incident, what shall we do. He says we will end his fear, we will talk to him.

Ahana and Mishka have a laugh. Ahana says this news will spread soon, chairman and secretary would be knowing by now that Prisha is in self quarantine. Mishka says Prisha isn’t infected. Ahana says but she treated the patient, the society is cautious and won’t take any risk, they will take Prisha, Rudra can’t do anything. Mishka praises her. Saransh gets up. Prisha asks how did your pant change, did anything happen. Saransh says no, the pant was tight so I changed. Rudra looks on. Saransh says I was in sleep, I will get fresh and come. He goes. Rudra says he lied. Prisha says he isn’t accepting truth. Rudra says he would be ashamed.

Prisha asks how will we talk to him, what shall we do. He says Rajeev used to say, find the root of problem. She says he is scared since kidnapping. He says we will show him kidnapping movie and make him relate, don’t worry, we will talk to him. Ahana waits for the society people. Mishka says don’t get excited, else they will know that its your plan. Ahana meets the society people and greets them. The man asks her to call Balraj out. Rudra and Prisha talk to Saransh. Sharda comes and asks him to come fast, association people have come, Balraj is talking to them. Prisha asks about the problem. Sharda says I don’t know about it.

Balraj says Ahana told me everything, I know the risk. The lady asks him to send Prisha to quarantine or hospital. Rudra comes and says no, this won’t happen, Prisha will stay at home. He argues with the people. Rudra says you didn’t come to ask if we need your help, you are our neighbors, don’t be a devil. The man says we are doing this for safety. Rudra says Prisha is a doctor, she knows how to keep safety. The man says but there is a risk. Rudra says come with me, I will show the risk. The man says we won’t come in. Rudra says I m also living in that room with Prisha, you may leave if you want. The people say we will see. Rudra asks them to come.

Rudra shows his arrangements and asks the people to do whatever they want. Prisha asks Saransh not to get scared. Saransh sleeps. Rudra checks him. Prisha says Saransh has wet the bed again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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