Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha confesses truth to Vasu

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector saying Prisha’s phone has the video. Everyone gets shocked. Some time back, Balraj worries when the media starts insulting him. Yuvraj says I thought to have good fun. He also throws a water bottle at Rudra. Balraj screams and falls down. Rudra and everyone get shocked. Balraj says I m not able to breathe. Vasu says I think he got an attack, we have to take him to hospital. Mishka asks the media to back off. Rudra asks what happened. Ahana says he is having an attack. Prisha says we have to take him to hospital. Balraj says no, I have to go home. Prisha says fine, we will call a doctor there. They all leave. Yuvraj congratulates Rahul.

Doctor checks Balraj. He angrily throws things. He asks doctor to leave. He shouts everyone, get out, nothing happened to me. Sharda says you got an attack. Balraj says I was doing a drama to save myself and you all, you have seen the angry crowd. Ahana says thank, it was a brilliant plan, who has leaked that video. Balraj says I have to ask my son. He asks Rudra why did he leak my secrets, I did all that to make him a big rockstar. He scolds Rudra. He says you are finished Rudraksh Khurana, this is suicidal, you know, your fans will hate you now, you ruined everything. Rudra says try to understand.

Balraj says why did you fill poison in my life. Rudra shouts let me speak, I didn’t do this, I don’t understand, who made this video and when. Balraj says you are lying, the video was made in your room. Rudra says I didn’t make the video, I swear on Rajeev. Balraj leaves him and says how can this happen, you are seen in the video, saying that nonsense. Rudra says I don’t know when did I say that, I was drunk in the party and went to sleep. He says who did it if not you, who can do this. Rudra says I want to know who cheated me. He goes. Prisha worries. Rahul says why will Rudra get award now, it means my company singer will get the award, thanks. Yuvraj says you have to tell the jury to ban Rudra forever. Rahul says you are a genius, you should get the real award. He gifts him a box. Yuvraj checks the car keys. Rahul says luxury car for Rudra’s destruction, you did this. Yuvraj says this is a good surprise, thanks. Rahul says I have to see Prisha in this car. Yuvraj thinks I want Saransh and the trust fund, once I get it, I can buy you too.

Prisha says sorry, I should have told you before. Rudra says that I shared this with you. She says you remember it, why didn’t you tell Balraj. He says he would have got angry on you, I m sure that I can just tell my feelings to you, I trust you. She holds his hand and says thanks, I will not break your trust, someone was in our room who recorded this video. He says who can it be. She says maybe some guest, how would anyone know you are drunk. Rudra says its a big plan, I will find out. Balraj shouts Rudra….

Rudra goes to him and asks what happened. Balraj says jury cancelled your award, we are finished, who can do it. Gopal and Vasu say we shall leave now. Prisha goes with them. She says I was with Rudra that day, he was telling all that to me. Vasu worries. Ahana and Mishka try them. Prisha says Rudra was much drunk, I took lemonade for him, but there was no one else in the room, I don’t know who made that video. Gopal says Yuvraj would have done this.

Vasu says no, he won’t do it. Prisha says he left the party. Gopal says maybe he got hidden and was waiting for this chance. Prisha says yes, he can do anything, it will be useful for Rahul, Yuvraj is working with Rahul. She says I m calling Yuvraj, I have to find out the truth. Yuvraj kisses his car. He gets Prisha’s call. He asks are you fine, is Rudra fine. She says I have to meet you. He says yes, I can meet you, you have right on me. She says don’t come home, meet me on highway road. He says fine. Prisha says I will drop you home Amma and go. Ahana and Mishka look on. Yuvraj says I will take the old car, I m coming Prisha. Ahana says what a cunning girl, Prisha is trying to blame Yuvraj. Mishka says we will tell Rudra, come. Ahana says come back, you think he will listen to us, never, we want solid evidence against Prisha, lets go and follow her.

Prisha asks Yuvraj about the award function. He asks how can you think so. She says you were there that night. He says I m not a fool, I got insulted, Rudra had beaten me and now this blame. She says so you didn’t make it. He says no, I have made it.

Mishka says this pics will be enough. Ahana says I will show the proof to Rudra. Inspector says we got the video in Prisha’s phone. Prisha gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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