Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Loses His Cool

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahana insists Rudra to prove that Preesha is innocent. Balraj insists Preesha to prove that she didn’t make Rudra’s video. Preesha says why should she prove herself when she is innocent, she doesn’t have to whether they believe it or not. Balraj says that means she doesn’t have any proof and cannot stay in his house. He holds her and Saransh’s hand and drags them towards door when Rudra stops him and warns to leave his wife and son’s hands as his wife doesn’t have to prove anything when she is innocent. Balraj warns if he will go against him and pushes him yelling he is supporting cheap Preesha. Rudra holds his collar. Balraj is shocked and says he can’t be his obedient son and pushes him towards door saying he will stay on roads from hereon. GPS enters saying Rudra will not stay on road as he will stay in his small house. He confronts Balraj asking if he has any proof that Preesha made Rudra’s video. Balraj shouts how dare he is to confront him and warns to get out. GPS asks Preesha to get her bags from this hotel, he will wait outside. Ahana gets happy that Preesha is finally going from here. Mishka cries that Rudra is also going. Ahana says he will go to return back, but Preesha will not.

Saransh cries and Preesha consoles him. She packs her bags reminisces the moments spent in this house with Rudra and Saransh. She tells Rudra that he can stay back. He says he has decided to spend his life with her. She walks down. Sakshi requests her not to leave the house, but she consoles Sakshi. Rudra and Saransh join her. Mishka signals Ahana to speak to Rudra. Ahana asks Rudra not to leave house for a small reason. Rudra leaves with Preesha and Sanarsh. At GPS’s house, Vasu gets shocked reading news about Rudra’s ban from singing. She walks out and sees GPS bringing Rudra, Preesha, and Saransh home. Neighbors taunt that Rudra gave them a big lecture on morality, but after being banned from signing will have to leave on his father-in-law’s pension money, Preesha was overproud of herself and now she is also suspended, etc. Vasu warns them to stop interfering in their personal matter. Neighbors say its not anymore and continue yelling. Preesha gives them back and after a lengthy confrontation says her husband is with her and supports her, that is more important.

Ahana gets a call from principal that Rudra didn’t attend online class. She says its a good news and reminiscing getting Rudra’s signs on a form says now she will use it against Rudra and get him out of school. She orders principal to restricate Rudra. Sakshi walks in. Mishkta nervously signals Ahana. Ahana changes tone and requests principal not to restricate Rudra. Principal says she was insisting just now. Sakshi asks her to give phone, principal cannot do that. Ahana gets more tensed.

Precap: Rahul thanks Preesha for support him, now with her help he will destroy Rudra. Preesha meets Rahul’s wife who says she doesn’t know who filed case against her. She says Rahul. Wife meets Rahul and confronts, then calls Preesha and informs that Rahul has promised to take back case against Rudra and cancel her suspension order.

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