Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha gets quarantined

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahana provoking Balraj against Prisha. Sharda asks Ahana to come and help her in making sweets, Prisha did a great work, she saved a mum and baby’s life. Balraj shouts on her. He says I know how to show Prisha her place. Sharda cries. Ahana thinks I will see who saves Prisha now. Rudra thinks of Prisha. Bekhayali….plays…. He thinks she has killed my brother, I have to torture her, why am I getting sad seeing her tears. Saransh comes and asks him to help him. Rudra says I m not in a mood, I have hurt my friend, I shouted on her. Saransh says simply say sorry. Rudra says I feel strange. Saransh says its a magical word, I have a trick to say sorry. Rudra says not bad. Prisha comes hoe. Rudra holds sorry card. Yeh hai chahatein….plays….

She asks what’s this. He says its for you. She asks for me, you are saying sorry to me, this can’t happen, am I dreaming. He says I know I have hurt you, I made this for you. She asks what. He says its written. She asks what. He says word. She asks what word. She laughs. He thinks there is some matter, she is smiling and I m happy, why. She says you would have worked hard to make this. He says of course. She says you could have said sorry. He says yes. She says male ego stopped you. He says I was feeling strange to say sorry. She says sorry accepted. They smile.

He says you think you are smart. She says yes, move now, let me go in. Balraj comes and says you won’t come in, get out. He scolds Prisha and says you won’t stay in this house. Ahana smiles and thinks so much insult, anger him more. Prisha says I took all the precautions, test was negative. He says symptoms come in 14 days. Prisha says I will quarantine myself so that none has a fear of infection. He says you won’t stay here, stay in servants quarters. Rudra asks how did you think. Prisha says its okay, I will stay there, uncle is saying for family. Ahana thinks strange, no fights, no fun. Rudra says you can stay in the house. Prisha says I will stay, servants are also human, they also stay there. She goes.

Ahana comes and hugs Saransh. She says I m feeling bad for you, you will be hurt. He asks what happened. She says you promise me, you won’t cry. He asks did anything happen to mum. She says your Dadu made your mumma out, Prisha is in servants quarter, I m scared for Prisha, how will she stay there, none supported Prisha, they are scared of Balraj. Saransh says I m not scared, I will get mumma back. Ahana smiles.

Prisha cleans the place. Saransh comes to meet her. She says I came back from hospital, I treated virus infected patient, you go now. He insists. She asks him not to get stubborn. He says I will sit here, I m hungry. She thinks to ask Rudra if he knows about Saransh. Rudra says Prisha won’t stay there. Balraj asks did you forget that I take decisions here, Prisha has to follow my decision. Rudra says let her come in, else I will leave the house. Balraj says if she comes, then family can be in risk. Prisha calls Rudra and says Saransh is here, he isn’t understanding. He asks how did he go there. She says he is saying he won’t eat anything. Rudra says Saransh reached Prisha, this is the problem.

He goes out to Prisha. He asks why did you come here, Saransh. Prisha hears them. Saransh says you didn’t stop mumma, I will stay here. Sharda asks him to come and not be adamant. Balraj comes. He says no need for this emotional drama, let him stay hungry. Prisha and Rudra ask Saransh to listen. Rudra says you play the guitar, I will sing, we will go on long drive, we will watch tv. Saransh doesn’t listen. Rudra thinks they are troubled. Mishka asks what, you made Prisha reach servants quarter, you are genius, you used Balraj. Ahana smiles. She says we will go there and see Prisha in trouble. Ahana says that’s a good idea. Sharda says Saransh won’t listen. Rudra says its my mistake, look at their state. He thinks to do something.

Prisha asks Saransh to go. Prisha sees Rudra. Rudra brings her inside the house. Balraj says Prisha won’t come inside the house. Ahana says Rudra got her inside the house.

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