Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Rehan learns Kaala Jinn’s name

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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni saying we will always protect you. Aman says that jinn may look like a baby, but it will be a Jinn, like Chunmun looked like an old baby, your heart is of an angel, you should remember that you have to protect us. They hear a baby crying. The things start flying. They look on. Tabeezi and Dadi discuss about the baby jinn. Dadi says he wants us to get hesitant to attack the baby jinn. Roshni says what shall we do, we can’t see him, we hear his voice from all directions, how shall we find him. Tabeezi says I have a way. Rehan asks Shayari not to worry. She sits there. He does the magic to move the huge rocks. The rocks don’t move. He removes the arrow and does the aid to her leg. Jaaniya….plays… She looks at him.

Tabeezi says we can keep toys and call the baby jinn here. She throws some pink powder in the air. She says we will know him now, if he is really a baby or just making a sound, we can see his face, but your magic won’t work here because of this powder. Aman says fine, Armaan is with Dadi. Tabeezi says we will try to call him by making toys sound. They put some toys. They look for the jinn. A baby appears and starts crying a lot. They all shut their ears. Armaan comes there in the crib. Roshni says he was with Dadi. Jinn takes Armaan. Tabeezi asks Aman and Roshni to come back, there is danger. Roshni says its our Armaan. Aman and Roshni try to do magic to save Armaan. Tabeezi says your magic won’t work here. Armaan gets at the point of the knife. Jinn disappears. Roshni takes Armaan and hugs. Shayari says we have to leave from here. Rehan says yes, but the rocks aren’t moving. She says you are powerful jinn. He says my magic isn’t working. She says it will work, think why you are doing this. She holds his hand. He does the magic again. The rocks move. They step out of the cave.

Dadi says thank God Armaan got saved. Tabeezi says jinn is a baby, he is targeting Armaan. Roshni says if he wanted to attack Armaan, why did he stop. Aman says entire family will be at his attack, we have to kill him soon. Roshni says we can’t kill a soul. Tabeezi says yes, when someone’s desire is left incomplete, the soul wanders in the world. Roshni says we can help the baby soul and get free. Dadi asks how can we know his incomplete wish. Tabeezi says we will ask him, I have a way to talk to the soul. Shayari says don’t know where is Natasha. Rehan recalls and says she had gone underground. Shayari says we lost the scroll also. He says we have to find her. They see Natasha buried, with her hand out of the ground.

They see the letter. Tabeezi says the soul will enter one of us and talk to us. Salma says but baby jinn is young. Tabeezi says the bottle will spin, whoever it points to, baby soul will enter that person. She tries to call the baby soul and spins the bottle. Baby cries. The bottle stops and points to Salma. Salma faints. Tabeezi asks Roshni not to touch Salma and wait. Salma doesn’t get up. Roshni calls her out. Rehan and Shayari get the scroll. Shayari says something is written in it, that’s why Natasha got killed, we don’t have to say that. Rehan checks it and reads. Shayari says what’s written. He says just one word. She says just one word took Natasha’s life. She reads Zalala. He says its Kaala jinn’s name. She says maybe its a curse, whoever takes it will die. He says it means Kaala jinn is playing a game with Aman and Roshni. Shayari says it means, they will pass three tests and then die. Rehan says we have to warn them and stop them from taking the name.

Tabeezi says the baby soul wants to kill Armaan. Dadi takes Armaan. Roshni asks Aman to save Armaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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