Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik decides to keep Chori home

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira sadly seeing baby’s pics. She says Chori saved this last sign. He says she loves you and didn’t care for her life. Naira says I feel a strange bond with her, maybe because she is our daughter’s age, is she our daughter. He says no, don’t get attached to her, don’t do this, we have to let her go. She says she will go and just her memories will be left. Chori recalls their words and gets sad. Kirti looks for the pic. Naksh asks what happened. Kirti says I m finding a laundry bill. Naksh says its fine, you can get the bill by saying the number, I feel you are hiding something. Aditya comes and says you are right, Kirti is hiding something, when you know the truth, keep some anger for Kirti, I will tell you. Naksh asks Kirti what is he saying. Kirti’s dream ends. Naksh asks what happened, are you feeling dizzy, sit. Kirti hugs him. He smiles and says you love me a lot. She feels sorry. Kartik hugs Naira. He sings yaad aajati hai…. They romance.

Chori cries in her room. She recalls Kartik’s words. Its morning, Akhilesh asks why so many gifts. Kartik says its for Chori, I promised to give her gifts, she did a lot for Naira and me. Gayu says Naira would be sad, since Chori is going. Naira goes to see Chori. She sees the tablets on the floor. She says it means she didn’t take it. She checks Chori and shouts Kartik. She says call a doctor, she has high fever. Akhilesh says I will call a doctor. Kartik says its high fever, you gave her medicines. Naira says she said she had medicines, don’t know since when is she ill, nothing should happen to her, its because of me. Chori says I won’t go to ashram. Naira gets Sudha’s message. She cries. Chori says I want to stay here. Naira and Kartik see Chori’s family drawing. They happily cry. Naira says so she didn’t take medicine. Kartik says so that she stays ill and we don’t send her. They take care of Chori. Naksh gets the pic. He gets shocked seeing Aditya and Krish’s pic. He sees Kirti and Aditya outside. He goes.

Kartik thinks of Chori. Naira asks what are you thinking. Kartik says nothing. Everyone praises Chori. Naira says Chori is going to ashram again, she shouldn’t run from there, I m worried, we have no relation with her to stop her, ashram people will come to take her, I feel bad, I wish to stop her. Kartik says so we will stop her. She asks what. He says yes, just listen to me, we should stop her for the sake of humanity, we like her, she can become part of our family. Naira cries. He says we will let her stay here. Naira asks really. He nods. Everyone smiles. Dadi comes home. Everyone meets her. Dadi says I met Manish, he is happy, you also talk to him. Kartik says yes. Dadi asks what were you talking about Chori. Kartik says we feel we should keep her here. Naira says she won’t trouble you. Dadi says I got tired, I want to rest for some time. Kartik says its good, Dadi got to know, she won’t have any objection. Naira says she has objection, she isn’t happy, we should talk to her. He says fine, she will understand.

Kartik says we will fill adoption form. Sudha says we got a good family for Chori, she is their daughter now. Kartik and Naira get sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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