Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chori goes missing

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and everyone surprising Chori. Naira says we won’t let you go. Chori asks you mean I will stay here. They stop. Everyone smiles. Chori hugs them. Dadi says they don’t think anything from their mind. Kirti comes back. Naksh sees her. She says I had gone out to receive the order, it was wrong. He says its a shock when wrong thing comes, let it be. She goes to make tea for him. He says why is she hiding a big thing from me. Kartik says this is adoption form, once we fill it, we will start the procedure. He asks Chori her real name. Chori says Chori. Naira says don’t lie, its Bittu. Chori says I don’t like Bittu. Surekha says we don’t like Chori name. Chori asks them to think of some name. Kartik says Krishna. Chori says great, its Lord’s name, my name will be Krishna. Dadi asks Kartik to stop. She asks why are you adopting Chori, you have your own child. Kartik says we all want this. Everyone requests Dadi. Dadi says if we like someone, will we keep them at home. She scolds Gayu.

Kartik says she is an orphan. Dadi asks did we open an orphanage at home, send her to Naira’s ashram, she can be good there. Naira asks why can’t she stay here. Dadi says you will know when it affects relations, when Kairav has to share his parents and things with her, what will happen. Kartik says we will talk to Kairav. Naira says when he sees she is so lovely, they will become friends. Kartik says don’t worry, we have to sign the papers. Chori smiles. Kartik and Naira sign on the papers. Chori goes. Sudha comes with a couple. She says I have come to take Bittu. Chori thanks the Lord for fulfilling her dream. Kartik says we were going to call you. Sudha says I was busy and couldn’t come. Mr and Mrs. Desai have adopted Bittu. Kartik says we want to legally adopt Krishna. Mr. Desai says this can’t happen, we have submitted the papers.

Mrs. Desai says we have made all arrangements already. Naira says we want her to stay here. Kartik says she is happy here. Sudha says sorry, Bittu is their daughter now legally. Mr. Desai and Mrs. Desai ask them not to snatch the girl. Dadi asks them to let Chori go. Chori looks on and cries. Sudha says call her. Kartik says how shall we tell her. Naira says we have to tell her. Chori thinks to hide somewhere. They look for her. Kartik says she is nowhere, did she hear our talk. Gayu says maybe she has run away. Everyone looks for her. Chori hides inside a trunk. The trunk gets locked. Naira sees the trunk. She goes. Chori says now Sudha won’t get me. She thinks why is the trunk not opening. Mrs. Desai says I think you have done this. Naira says no, we are finding her. They all think where can Chori go. Kartik says I don’t know where is my phone. He looks for the phone. Chori shouts for help. Naira calls on Kartik’s number.

Kartik hears the ring and comes to pick his phone. Chori gets fainting. He stops seeing the trunk. Naira asks did you get the phone. He says why are the toys outside the trunk. He tries to open the trunk. He opens it and sees Chori inside. He gets shocked. He shouts Naira…. They take Chori and care for her. They cry. Chori asks are you a superhero, who saves everyone. Naira says you risked your life, do you have a sense, why did you do this. Chori says I want to stay with you. They explain Chori to go with the couple. Chori asks if they aren’t good parents, I don’t trust strangers, you both are enough for me, I don’t need someone, you are here to save me, who will save me there. Kartik says I promise I will save you whenever you are in any trouble. She asks how will you know. He says superheroes have superpowers, just call me and I will come to save you.

Naira dances and says you are going to become a Papa again. Kartik looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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