Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik befriends Manish

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying sorry Kartik, don’t ignore me, I can’t bear this silence. Kartik says I m sorry, I couldn’t have done this, right, maybe I was scared. She says its okay, I can understand, trust me, we will make it okay. He hugs her. Her dream ends. She stumbles. Gayu comes and asks her to eat something. Naira says no, Kartik and everyone didn’t eat food, this happened because of me. Gayu says accident happened accidentally, its not your mistake. Naira says relations suffer because of it. She cries.

Dadi and everyone worry for Manish and Suwarna. Samarth says doctor said we can expect anything in this situation. Naira worries. Surekha asks will Manish come. Samarth says Kartik went to get him. Manish gets Kartik. Dilon ko bandha….plays…. Dadi calls Kartik as Kittu. Dadi says he is Kittu. Kartik says I m Kittu. Manish asks me? Dadi says my Mannu. Manish says Kittu and Mannu. Kartik thinks we will be Kittu and Mannu till you remember that we are son and father. He says we are best friends. Naira goes to talk to Kartik. He goes. She stops him and asks him to listen to her once. He recalls Manish and goes.

Doctor comes and says you all have to be careful, you don’t have to say anything to anger him, keep him happy else he may harm himself. Kartik says we will make sure that it doesn’t happen. Doctor says we will decide a line of treatment for him, you all need to have patience. Kartik recalls Manish’s words and thinks Manish kept much patience, I have hurt him a lot till my marriage. He says we will do our best. Doctor says I have to give him injection, its imp. Manish gets scared. Kartik says doctor is our best friend, nothing will happen. Manish runs. Kartik says Mannu is great, brave and very strong. Naira says Mannu will do what Kittu does, maybe. She thinks sorry, I don’t think of anything now, you are also scared of injection, but for dad’s sake…. you can do it, I know, you can do anything for your dad. Kartik asks doctor to get the injection. He asks Mannu to see what is happening. He holds Naira’s hand and takes the injection. Dadi and everyone cry. Kartik says I will be strong and win in football match, you are also in my football team. Manish comes ahead to get the injection. Suwarna keeps the empty frame. It falls. Naira comes and holds it. Suwarna says sorry Naira, its my mistake to get adamant to celebrate Teej. Naira says sorry Maa. Suwarna says its not your mistake, Manish forgot me, he was my life partner. Naira says you know him, be strong. Suwarna says I can’t do anything. Naira says you shouldn’t break down. The girl eats grapes. The people ask nurse is the girl her relative, she is getting everything. The nurse says the girl is paying for it.

The people ask is she so rich. The girl pays from Naira’s wallet. She sees Naira’s id card and blesses her. Akhilesh tells Kartik about a meeting. Kartik asks him to go. He says I have to take care of Manish. Samarth says Manish and I were talking to this client, we don’t know about it. Kartik says you guys go. Akhilesh says we will shift meeting at home, you took Manish’s responsibility, you have to do this for his sake. Kartik imagines Manish asking him to fulfill the responsibility. He cries and says how would I do it without your expertise, I need my hero, my ideal. Naira comes to talk. He says I m busy, you…. He goes. She cries. She gets Dr. Sudha’s call. Sudha says everything is fine in your reports, you can conceive again, you said you and your husband are keen for another child, its the right time. Naira says I m listening. Sudha asks aren’t you happy. Naira says thanks, but we don’t want to have another child. She ends call and feels sorry for Kairav. She says we can’t plan a baby in such a situation, sorry.

Naira does tilak to Naksh and ties rakhi to him. Kartik misses Kirti. Kirti comes home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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