Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Surprise for Naira

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surekha saying we should play Antakshari. Everyone agrees. Kartik sings yuhin cut jayega safar….. Everyone sings. Akhilesh drives the bus. Kartik goes to Naira. They sing and hug. Kartik says Naira will sit here, you have to note what she is eating and drinking. Devyaani and everyone laugh seeing his care. Naksh signs Kirti to come. Dadi says they both didn’t look happy together. Samarth asks Dadi to come. Gayu says your wish got fulfilled after coming to haveli. Naira says I didn’t wish to ask Kartik after that accident and dream, there is a dream in my heart, I don’t want him to get away. Gayu says we came to do puja, everything will be fine. Kartik comes to Naira and says we will always be together, I m not going anywhere, I have to see baby’s smile. Naira teases him. He says call me anything, I will always be with you.

They sit in the puja. Krishna calls Kartik. Kartik says ashram people asked me to keep distance, else she will not adjust in the new family. Naira says it won’t be good to not answer it. He answers the call. She asks him to call back. He says call engaged, don’t worry, I will call her. Dadi asks Naira to pray. Pandit blesses them. Kartik gets aarti for the baby. Suwarna says Kartik should give surprise to Naira. Surekha says what Kartik planned….. Kartik signs her. Naira asks what’s the surprise. He says nothing. She says I know something is there, tell me. He says you are playing an emotional card. Dadi says yes, Naira is blackmailing him. She asks someone to take her side. He goes and shows the banner. She gets surprised seeing Godh bharai rasam banner. Everyone claps. Suwarna says we also thought to keep the rasam here in haveli. Naira says thanks, its very beautiful, I m so happy. Kartik says I should thank you for coming into my life. Suwarna asks Naira to get ready, wear the special dress. Dadi asks them to deck up Naira. Akhilesh stops Kartik and asks him to do the work.

Naira dances and asks Gayu and Kirti to dance with her. They dance and laugh. Dadi asks did you plan the second surprise. Kartik says yes, it matters for Naira, it will be the best. Suwarna says I wish they always stay happy. Kartik prepares the surprise. He calls Krishna and she doesn’t answer. Akhilesh says you are world’s best husband. Kartik says ask Naira, she is troubled. Akhilesh says she knows its your love, wives love us and we stay busy in work, I m very proud of you, be the same, so that world sees you and understands. Kartik thanks him and says I want to make this day super special for Naira. Naksh smiles. Kartik says I will go and change now. He sees Dadi and others crying. He asks are Naira and baby fine. Dadi says yes, but a mistake happened. Kartik says there is no chance, I got everything from home. Dadi says maybe we forgot chunri, sorry, I forgot. Devyaani says Surekha and Suwarna are finding the chunri. Naksh comes. Kartik says you are crying for a little thing, leave this on me, I will go and get the chunri. Naksh says I will also come. Kartik says fine. They leave.

Naira smiles and says I have seen Kartik’s love in his eyes, I feel like I m everything for him, most imp, I want to look beautiful. Kirti and Gayu tease her. Naira gets readt.

Kartik and Naira dance. Krishna calls Kartik and asks him to come. Kartik shouts Krishna. Naira says maybe she is missing you. He says she is in trouble.

Update Credit to: Amena

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