Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik gets enraged

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector asking Chori why is she troubling them. Chori says no, I have no money or food, ask Naira to keep me for any work, she knows me. He says stop it, I m finding a place where girls like you stay, you had run away. She says I don’t know such place. She asks Naira not to send her. Naira feels sorry. Inspector says we can’t send her today, keep her tonight, I will get lady constable and take her tomorrow, else I will drop her on the roads where we found her. Naira says no. She thinks Kartik will know about accident and he will get upset. Kartik says she can stay here for 2-3 days, find a safe place for her.

Inspector says you went to city hospital to find about child robbers gang, they are caught, if you want any info… Kartik and Naira say no, we know our daughter isn’t alive now. Inspector says sorry and goes. Kartik says be careful that Manish doesn’t get troubled by that girl, else… He goes. Naira says I won’t let it happen. Naira asks Chori not to trouble anyone. Chori hugs her and says you would be my mum in last birth. Naira asks her to stop drama. Chori sees Manish and says why does he look mad, I will stay in this big house. She asks Manish to let her play the game. Manish refuses. He falls down the staircase. Kartik and Naira come there. They get shocked. Kartik asks how did you fall down. Everyone comes. Kartik says you got saved. Dadi says this girl would have done something. Kartik says nothing happened, don’t worry, he is fine. Naira says say sorry. Chori asks what did I do. Chori says sorry uncle, he didn’t even hear it.

Dadi says don’t know why did Lord send that girl home. Surekha says I m also against her. Dadi says Kartik and Naira may have a problem because of her. Manish shows his hand. Kartik smiles and asks is this the injury. Manish nods. Kartik recalls Manish and his moment. He consoles Manish the same way. Suwarna sees them and cries. She gets sad and says my 25th Teej got memorable but….

Naira says you pushed him right. Chori says no, I swear on you. Naira says you should not do this again, he is ill, ill people are taken care of, they aren’t troubled. Chori says no one told me or took care of me when I was ill, I had a head injury once and I didn’t cry, your Mannu wasn’t hurt, everyone was worried for him. Kartik comes and asks her not to call Mannu mad. She gets scared. He says he is my dad, I won’t tolerate anyone saying anything against him, you don’t have a house so you can stay here as a good girl. She asks what do you mean. He says be a good girl, don’t trouble anyone, come here, you will get food, clothes, toys, chocolate and anything you want, you won’t trouble my dad, if you do this again, I will send you out. Chori asks if he comes to me, if he has to play with me then, shall I refuse. Kartik says old mistake can’t be changed, you explain her and stop another mistake, if my dad gets hurt again, then I won’t tolerate. Naira thinks our dad… Chori thinks this uncle gets so angry. Naira cries.

Dadi asks is everything fine. Kartik says he is fine. She says its Janmashtami tomorrow. He says we will celebrate, dad will like it, maybe Krishna gets happy and this…. He cries and asks her to tell Guru ji, some miracle happens and Manish gets fine. Chori asks who is Kittu. Naira says my… Chori says your husband, he was so angry. Naira explains her. She says Kartik is worried for his dad, you would be worried for your dad. Chori says I didn’t even see my dad. Naira says sorry.

Chori asks why are you sorry, you didn’t kill him, it was not my mistake, if Mannu comes again, it won’t be my mistake. Suwarna talks to Manish and cries. Kartik looks on. Chori says my dreams got true, I don’t wish to go from here. Its morning, everyone prays for Manish. Chori thinks they already have everything, listen to my prayer. They see Manish getting angry and throwing the books. Naira says we will make Kartik go to him. Manish says I want a good book. Kartik says stop throwing books. He gets hurt. He shows a book. Manish says its not good. Naira says how to help Kartik. Kartik asks him to stop. Chori laughs at them. Kartik gets angry. He says why can’t I handle him, I had been adamant many times in childhood, he had handled me every time.

Manish says Kittu and Naira’s radha krishna dance. Dadi says Naira, you have to dance, maybe he remembers something else. Kartik and Naira say yes Dadi, we will do it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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