Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Chori helps Goenkas

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking Manish to calm down. Naira passes the album. She signs Kartik to show the album. Kartik nods. He says its such a good book, there are funny pics, it has amazing stories. Suwarna thanks Naira for thinking so. Naira says Kartik has to do it. Manish sees the pics. Kartik says you know its a father and son’s story. He shows Manish and his pic. He says son was so naughty and didn’t listen to dad. Dadi and everyone cry.

Kartik says one day, dad became son and son became dad, dad was the world’s best, now son has to try to become like him. Naira says you were best as son and best as Papa also. Tujhse naraaz….plays…. Everyone cries. Kartik takes care of him. Kartik goes to hug her and thanks her for the album idea. He wipes her tears. She sees his hand hurt. He says sorry. Her imagination ends. She says this thought came in mind as my heart knows you, I know you love dad a lot and me also, your anger is part of it, so I don’t feel bad, its a test of our love, we will pass in it, we have to keep patience. She prays. Dadi and Chori argue. Dadi scolds her. She calls Naira. She asks Naira to see what is this girl doing. Surekha says something is wrong, you said we have to make a dry grass swing by a poor person, we didn’t get him.

Dadi asks why, what will we do now. Chori says give me money, I will make it. Dadi says Naira, please make her quiet. Kartik says let her make. Chori says I will take double money for my hardwork, I don’t beg, I work hard. Kartik says you will get anything you want. Surekha says she will be away from Manish. Chori thanks Kartik. She thinks he is right, everyone listens to you. Gayu asks can you make it. Gayu says yes, get the stuff. Naira asks her to come with her. Chori tells the stuff. Kartik goes to Akhilesh. Akhilesh says you have to talk to the party once. Kartik says its not needed, we are not different, fine I will see, but dad…. He goes. Surekha asks Akhilesh why was he talking to Kartik. He says I had to make him talk to client. She says you already convinced the client, let Kartik focus on Manish, start deciding for the business. Naira and Gayu see Chori. Naira says helplessness teaches everything to a person. Gayu says I know, she has made it, I can never make it. Naira says I can make it, I learnt in Rishikesh, be careful that Chori doesn’t go to Manish, give her food. She goes.

Kartik says it was doctor’s call, I m going to meet him, take care of dad, and also that girl, she shouldn’t go to dad. Suwarna asks him to go. Bhabhimaa makes ladoos. Devyaani says you look happy. Bhabhimaa says I m going to meet my daughters, I met Naira, not Gayu. Naksh says you didn’t come with us that day. She says I was scared before, did you tell Naira that I m coming. He says no, everyone will be happy, you have to be strong, think about them. Devyaani says everything will be good. Kirti comes and says I thought to go home and spend time with dad. Naksh says you aren’t ready. Kirti says I kept the clothes, I will go and change. He says I will drop you. She says no, I will go on my own. Naksh asks sure. She says yes. He asks why do I think you are hiding something. She says no. He says you have stress about dad’s state. She nods. She goes.

Naira is in the market. Kartik stops the car seeing her. He asks why are you going in auto. She says there is parking problem in market. He asks her to sit in the car. She says I will go myself. He asks her not to be adamant always. She gets in the car. They recall their moments. She holds his hand. He hears the road block and switch guidance on GPS. He recalls his words and gets angry. Chori decorates the swing. Manish comes. Chori asks why did he come. Dadi looks for Manish. Chori says he is here, listen to me, I didn’t call him, I was doing my work, he came and sat here, scold him, not me. Dadi says I fell asleep and Manish left. Samarth says it happens. Chori asks them why are they murmuring. Gayu says work fast. Manish sees them and goes to decorate the swing. Dadi smiles. Naira thanks Kartik. He helps her. Baaten zaruri…plays on radio… They have an eyelock. She goes. He misses her.

Manish says Naira’s dance. Dadi says now you have to do the dance, maybe he recollects something else. Kartik and Naira agree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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