Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Chori impresses the family

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish calling Kartik and saying I m hungry. Naira says I will make food. Gayu sees Chori and says girls make the house look good. Samarth says yes, but a son takes the family ahead. They argue over the family name. She says Vansh is also a Goenka. He says I didn’t tell anything, we already spoke about it, how many times will you say it and hurt me and yourself. Gayu gets upset. She goes. Chori goes to get the laddoos. She hides it in the flowers. She says no one will know about the hidden laddoos. She gives the dress to Chori. She asks are you lying. Suwarna asks her to come fast and make food for Manish. Chori asks Naira to not doubt and go. Naira asks her to go. Chori eats the laddoos and likes it. Manish takes the laddoo. Chori argues with him. They laugh seeing their reflection. Naira sees Kirti and says I wanted to ask you, I felt I have seen you in the market with….. Dadi shouts. Naira rushes and asks what happened. Dadi says Laddoo and Laddoo Gopal are missing. She cries. Chori sees the idol and thinks to tell Naira. Akhilesh sees Manish eating laddoos and smiles. Dadi says forgive me Lord. Naira looks for the idol.

Surekha says someone would have taken him. Suwarna asks what will the girl do taking the idol. Dadi says she will sell the idol and have food. Naira sees Chori with the idol. Dadi says that girl is very clever. Naira says I will go and see. She asks how did you get it, did you steal. Chori says no, I m not a thief, I took laddoos and this came along, I was hungry. Dadi gets the idol and says she has stolen the idol, right. She scolds Chori. Naira says no, she didn’t steal it. Dadi asks them to make her out. Kartik says let it be, we got the Lord back. Dadi says such children are dangerous. He says don’t worry, I will not let this happen. Dadi says just make her out. Chori says I just took laddoos. Surekha says you should have asked for it. Chori says does anyone give if I ask, Kanha used to steal butter. She argues with Dadi. She says you can cut the money from my wage for making the cradle, I don’t beg, I work hard. Dadi acts like her. Everyone smiles. Dadi asks why are you laughing Naira. Naira and Kartik say sorry. Chori laughs and says I will go. She goes. Dadi asks Suwarna and Surekha to purify the idol, Naira keep some other bhog. Chori says I have sold Lord pictures on signal many times, idol doesn’t need purification if I touched it. Naira thinks this girl reminds of myself. They see the balloon and thinks if there is any sign from Lord.

The family gets happy seeing the swing. Dadi says its so beautiful. Chori asks her to praise more, like she always scolds a lot. Kartik says its very beautiful. Chori says then give money. Bhabhimaa says money for swing is called shagun. Chori takes money from Kartik and thanks him. She gives money to Manish. She says he also helped me, so I m paying him, we will make anything. Kartik says you won’t involve him. Naira says we will start puja. Everyone does the puja. Kartik and Naira pray for Manish and family, and also Chori to meet her family. Naira gets a call from Sudha. Sudha says I m from Kanya ashram, inspector gave me your number, the girl is in your house, right, I m coming to take her.

Naira says fine, you come and take her, I will keep her ready. Chori hears her. She says I don’t want to go to ashram, Sudha is rude. Dadi asks Kartik and Naira to take flute and shank. Sudha recalls the ward boy who left Chori at the ashram. Anil has left kartik and Naira’s daughter there. Sudha says I love all the kids, but since money is less, I fail to do much for them, I wish they get a nice family and good upbringing. Dadi makes the footmarks on the white sheet. Kartik plays the flute. Naira plays the shank. Chori sees them and steps back, leaving the foot marks. She runs away. Suwarna says Manish didn’t remember anything, now there is one last hope, are you ready for this try. Naira sees Kartik. He nods.

Kartik and Naira dance. Chori gets ready to leave. Manish follows Chori.

Update Credit to: Amena

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