Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Goenkas receive a big shock

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone looking for Manish. Surekha says Chori is also not there. Kirti says they both are missing. Kartik says I will see. Surekha says Naira, even that girl isn’t here. Naira goes to check with Naksh. Kartik says we didn’t get anywhere. Dadi cries and prays. Kartik says its my mistake to leave him alone. Naksh says we don’t know where they are. Naira says I m worried that Chori also, I wish they are fine. A man says I have seen a mad man some time back. Kartik says he isn’t mad. The man asks him to go and see. Naira says I wish he is Manish. Dadi says send my son back. Kartik sees Manish dancing and begging, Chori acts with him. They all get shocked.

Kartik shouts stop all this. He runs to Manish and makes him wear the coat. Chori says I didn’t do anything, I don’t know when Manish came here, don’t know when he came after me, I didn’t ask him to dance, he was seeing me and dancing, I don’t beg, I work hard, right Didi. Naira scolds her. She says when you knew that dad is coming after you, why didn’t you come back, you got these clothes from kids room. Chori says I knew you will tell inspector about me, so I became Krishna, else you would have sent me to ashram with Sudha. Kartik cries and gets angry.

Naira asks who told you. Chori says I have heard it, I don’t want to go to ashram. Kartik asks Manish to come with him. He says this girl shouldn’t come home. Naira says we have to take her along, we can’t leave her on roads. He asks where did she stay before meeting you. She says she is our responsibility. He says enough, she won’t come home. He goes. Chori says I will not come to your house. Naksh says I will take her home. Chori says I m fine here, I will stay on the roads. Naira says until ashram people come, she is my responsibility. Chori says I won’t go to ashram. Naira scolds her. Chori says I won’t beg. Naira says you know what can happen with you, its not safe to stay on road, you can’t understand it now, don’t argue, come, if you try to run again, I will slap you, I have stayed on road and ashram also, ashram life is better than staying on roads. She cries.

She asks Chori not to argue with her now. Chori agrees. Naira says sorry and thanks. Naksh says come home, don’t worry. Naira thinks nothing will be fine, I can’t see Kartik shattering. They come home. Everyone cries seeing Manish. Kirti asks how can you be careless. Naira says accident didn’t happened due to my carelessness, dad went out when everyone was here, no one knew about it, did anyone do this intentionally, no, right, why does everyone think wrong. Suwarna says no, no one is thinking wrong. Naira says everyone is misunderstanding me. Surekha says no, one we love the most, we get angry on him. Naira says I have no complains about Kartik’s behavior, Kirti think being in my situation. Naira says I was also there during accident, I feel guilty, you are blaming me instead helping me. Suwarna says calm down, no one is blaming you. Dadi says forgive us.

Kartik makes Manish change his clothes. Manish begs money. Kartik cries and recalls him. He throws the money and gets angry. Manish gets scared. Kartik thinks I m hurt and hurt your feelings, I have no patience, I m your son and can become better. He pacifies Manish. Chori likes the house and says Naksh should keep me here, its like dream house, Naksh isn’t rude like Kartik. Doctor says Manish’s mental state is such, we can’t see what he will do, it can be dangerous, we should do his surgery soon. Kartik says no, I won’t allow it, I can’t take risk, he lost his memory, I can’t tolerate if anything happens to his life, I will be with him. Doctor says you have a personal life. Kartik says no one is imp than him, he had a heart surgery some years back, he can’t bear another surgery, I read on internet. Doctor says don’t believe on those things, Manish’s condition can be a problem for everyone. Kartik says no, we don’t want the surgery to be done. Doctor leaves.

Naira gets a surprise birthday party. A man comes home and says Manish called me here with this file, he bought Akshara dance academy. Naira cries,

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