Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira prays for Manish

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying I can’t accept it. She lights the candles on the cake and wishes that Manish recovers, he becomes fine like before, he guides them always and they don’t need to guide him, he becomes Kartik’s dad like always, so that Kartik don’t need to become his dad, the house gets filled with happiness. Everyone cries. The matchsticks get over. Naira says I can’t make more wishes, I swear, I won’t accept the academy until Manish gives these papers to me, he should be able to understand this happiness. Suwarna asks Kartik to make Manish give the file to Naira. She says keep the file in temple until he gets fine. Naksh says Manish’s gift was the best, I wish he could give the gift to Naira. Kirti says we don’t have to keep expectations. He says right, the gift is special, as it has mumma’s dream also, Manish returned mumma’s blessing for Naira. Kirti asks why did this happen with him. She gets Aditya’s call. He says Lord’s master plan is something else always. He asks what happened, Kirti, why are you so worried. She says I thought of Krish. He says I always think of him, he would be missing him. She gets a call. She asks do you want something. He says no. She goes and answers the call. She gets shocked and says no… Devyaani asks what happened. Kirti says it was a call from office, I asked them not to disturb today. Devyaani says its fine, finish work and come. Naksh asks what work. Kirti says I have to go to office to sort some imp matters.

Naira recalls Manish’s words and cries. Naksh comes and consoles her. He says don’t blame yourself, everything will be fine. She sees Chori running and says did she run away again. She follows Chori. Suwarna says birthdays were celebrated so well always. Devyaani says Kartik wasn’t happy today. She prays for some miracle. Naira sees Chori buying something. Chori says its Didi’s birthday, I want to buy a gift, give these earrings to me. He asks her to pay money. She scolds him. Naira comes to her. Chori says you here… why did you come here. Naira asks were you buying gift for me, why. Chori says you gave me a lot, I can also give you something, I don’t have money, but I got some money near the swing, I asked Lord, he didn’t say anything. Naira says its wrong to take money. Chori shows the coins. She says my money is in your brother’s house, I will take money from him.

Naira says no need, its enough. She asks her to buy bindi packet. Chori buys it and says I will give you great gift next time. Naira says thanks, this is enough for me. She asks why did you leave from the house. Chori says I always stay on roads. Naira says I will send you to ashram. Chori thinks I would have stolen the earrings to give you. Naksh asks for Naira. Suwarna says I m worried that she is crying. He asks what’s the matter.

Suwarna says we have hurt her a lot. Naksh says Kartik didn’t do right. She says anger spoils the matter, Kartik and Kirti love Manish a lot. Naksh asks do we love less. She says I understand, I have seen a lot in life, I also want Manish to get fine, he shouldn’t lose his happiness, Kartik and Naira should have their understanding back. Naira sees Kirti at the cafe. She thinks no, maybe I was wrong, why did Kirti come here. She asks Chori to come and have food. Naira gets shocked seeing Aditya. She asks Chori to have anything she wants. She says tell them I will pay. She says Kirti is alone, Aditya is not with her, I will ask Kirti once. Chori orders many things. She says I will pay for it, my Didi has much money, I also have money. Aditya hides from Naira. He says I got saved…. Kirti asks what are you doing here Naira. Naira says I wanted to ask you, did you come here to meet Aditya. Kirti gets shocked.

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