Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira leaves Goenka house

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying I can try hard, but I can’t tolerate more. She apologizes to Manish’s pic. Chori looks on. She asks him to get fine soon. Naira and her family leaves. Kartik goes to Manish. He says Naira isn’t understanding me, you trust me right, you will get fine without surgery, else I will take care of you. Surekha cries and says problems keep coming in our family. Akhilesh says problems come in everyone’s lives, Dadi is upset. Naira says Samarth took her to ashram so that she feels better. Suwarna says there is nothing left now, we can’t celebrate, there is nothing happy. She goes to argue with Lord. Surekha says how long can one tolerate. Suwarna says Surekha, you ask him, how long can one tolerate, I had forgotten Shubham, you brought him to me and then snatched me, you can’t see happy, I wanted to celebrate my 25th Teej, you did Manish’s accident, he doesn’t identify me, you spoiled Kartik and Naira’s relation, stop giving us sorrow. She cries.

Naksh and everyone try to talk to Naira and take care of her. Chori asks Naira to have the kachori. Naira eats it and cries. She says until Kartik is upset, my heart won’t be relieved, I can’t tolerate it more, Manish needs me and I came here. She leaves. Suwarna says Naira would be so worried. Gayu says we couldn’t stop her here, Naira supports Kartik even after all this. Naira calls Suwarna. She says sorry, I should have not come like this. Suwarna says we understand, you have tolerated a lot. Naira says he was saying that Manish is his dad, I m worried that our fight will result in loss for Manish, Kartik should ask others, even if Naksh and I are outsiders, he can ask Kirti, he can’t be selfish, I m not angry, I m worried, what happened to him. Akhilesh says I wish Kartik thought of it. Suwarna says injustice won’t happen with you, women can’t sacrifice our self esteem. Naira thanks her. She says I feel guilty to leave Manish alone and come. Suwarna says we know you will come here when needed. Akhilesh says yes. Surekha asks her to take care. Naira says you will call me if you need my help, Manish is my dad also. Suwarna says yes. Naira asks her to give the jelly to Manish. Suwarna says he is sleeping, I will ask Kartik to feed him. Naira asks why is he sleeping so much. Suwarna says its due to medicines, we will think about surgery.

Naksh asks Naira what is she reading. She says I was thinking to mail a big surgeon, I read about it, we should get surgery done. Naksh asks who will explain Kartik. She says yes, he isn’t ready to listen. Naksh says I m convinced. She asks him to talk to Kartik once. He says fine. Devyaani says let Kartik and Kirti decide this. Naksh says I didn’t even talk to Kirti. Bhabhimaa asks him to talk to Kirti. Naira dances. Kartik thinks to call her. She waits for his call. She recalls his words and dances angrily. She falls down. He doesn’t call her. She cries and says I will never forget this birthday. Chori gets water for Naira. Naksh, Devyaani and Bhabhimaa see Chori and Naira. Devyaani says Chori spoke a lot without saying anything, relations of hearts don’t need words.

Kartik and Kirti argue. He realizes his mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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