Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira worries for Kirti

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking why did Aditya come to meet you, you met him in the market, I have seen him coming here. Kirti says no, I didn’t come to meet him, you are mistaken, I was alone in the car, I m sitting alone here, Aditya can come here in the cafe, I can’t stop anyone. Naira says I feel like you are much worried, you are hiding something. Kirti says its nothing like that. She goes. Naira says I have seen him coming, where did he go. Chori comes. Naira sees Aditya. Chori says this uncle is here as well, I have seen him today and outside your house and Naksh’s house also. Naira says it means he is either following Kirti or she is meeting him, she lied to me. Chori says talk to me. Naira says don’t tell anyone about this man, think its my birthday gift. Chori says fine, why are you scolding me, I won’t tell anyone, I can’t keep secrets. Naira says you lie all day, stop this drama. They leave.

Kirti says Naira saw me with you, if she asks again, what will I tell her, stop following me. Aditya says give me what I want, then I will leave you. She says its impossible. He says I lost my everything, I can’t lose it, just I have a right on it. He shows some pic and says I reached it and just gave to pick it. He smiles. She gets worried. He goes. She checks pic and gets shocked.

Chori goes to wash hands. Naira says don’t tell anyone. Kirti comes. Naira says I know there is some matter, I have seen Aditya again, I can get cctv footage if you want, he isn’t a good man, we know it, how did he threaten you. Kirti cries. She says Naira, promise me, you won’t tell this to anyone. Naira says fine, I promise, tell me the matter. Kirti says stay away from this, don’t take Aditya’s name, I will handle him. Naira says he is such a cheap man. Kirti says I know, I don’t trust him, I trust you, promise me, you won’t tell anyone. Naira says fine, remember I m always there to help, if Aditya troubles you, then I will forget this. Kirti goes crying. Naira says how shall I help her.

Kirti sees Krish’s pic and cries. She says everything will be ruined if this matter gets known. Naksh says Naira, I was finding you. Naira says I went out. Naksh says Krish was missing you, he wanted to talk. Kirti signs to her. Naksh sees Kirti and says you came back, did you work get over. Kirti says yes. Naksh asks why do you look worried. Naira makes excuses. She thinks sorry to lie, I won’t let Aditya hurt Kirti. Kartik talks to Manish. Manish is sleeping. He says we keep many expectations and get hurt, what’s this love if there is nothing left, I think anger is there because of love.

Naira says its no use to celebrate, Manish can’t bless me, Kartik can’t wish me. She cries. Kartik says I didn’t even wish her well, my anger won here. They get emotional. Kartik says I love you Naira. Naira thinks I know you love me, I love you too, I can’t be happy until you are happy, I wish he did it heartily, nothing is fine. Naksh says everything will be fine. Everyone asks her to stay happy.

Akhilesh says I got Kartik to complete the celebrations. Surekha says Dadi went to ashram. Gayu says Samarth went with her. Naira sees Kartik. Devyaani asks her to smile. Kartik calls someone and asks him to deliver the gift, its his wife’s birthday. Chori sees him and goes. Kartik thanks Naksh. He says you could have confronted me, but you didn’t do that, thanks for understanding, I shouted on Chori, I have no relation with her, but my dad…. you kept her safe at home, thanks. Naksh says that girl is a stranger, it doesn’t matter, you can’t be upset with Naira. He goes. Kartik says none understands me, don’t know what will happen.

Naira comes for cake cutting. Kairav watches them on the video call. Naira cuts the cake. She prays that Manish gets fine. Chori comes to her. Kairav asks is that girl still in our house, why didn’t she go. Kairav says you made her your baby, so she is cutting the cake with mumma. Chori gets away. Kairav says I won’t share my mum and dad with anyone.

Naira dances with everyone. Kartik dances with her. She gets happy. Nachne de….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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