Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira brings Kartik home

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kundan saying your idea is right, its hard to work with mum, she always lectures on principles, she doesn’t see any talent in me, many people want to deal with me, mum didn’t give me any power, I will have all the power now to do the business, fine, call the lawyer, I will give written statement that mum did this accident and blamed Kartik. Sita comes and slaps him. She scolds him. He gets shocked and says you are misunderstanding, I was just acting to them to know their plans, I wanted to expose them, I doubted Kartik. Sita doesn’t believe him. She shouts on him for being a bad son. Kundan shouts enough, you got to know the truth, its half truth, I will tell the whole truth, you just expect me to hold your hand and walk, why, am I a kid, this business and property is mine, dad made you a custodian, not owner, you have taken over everything, none should get a mum like you, I would have gone home and handled everything, power of attorney is signed now, you won’t get any money now.

Sita throws her ring. She says I was wearing this ring, someone told me to wear it, you will stay protected, I prayed for your long life, you have seen my love, not my anger and hatred, now I will work hard to trap you. She goes to call. He throws his crutch at her. Naira catches the crutch and throws at Kundan. He falls down. Naira says don’t dare to hurt Sita again, you already took advantage of your mum’s love, don’t hurt her, else she will curse you in sorrow, you will regret all your life. Sita recalls Dadi and everyone’s words about Naira. Naira says I don’t need your help in freeing Kartik. Sita says I will get Kartik freed, its time to rectify the mistake, real culprit will be inside the jail, innocent will get freed. She asks Kundan to prepare to go to jail.

Kartik asks inspector did the papers get submitted in the jail. Inspector says I told them to submit the papers soon, why are you curious, we have to shift you, you would be happy to know that you are going to jail. Naira comes and shouts Kartik. She stops the inspector. Kartik asks why did you come here, you won’t spoil anything. Naira says I won’t go without taking you, you are going home, not jail, papers aren’t submitted in the court, Sita stopped everything. Kartik asks why. Naira asks him to ask Sita. Sita, Kundan and Akhilesh come. Sita says inspector, the real culprit is here, and witness also, I requested to stop the papers from reaching the court, sorry, I made a mistake, Naira opened my eyes, don’t know what more crimes I would have done, Kartik is innocent, let him go. She asks Kartik to go home. Kartik gets shocked. Sita asks Naira to take Kartik. Kartik says what’s happening, our deal… Sita says we will talk at home.

Naira thanks her. Sita says you did everything. She says Kartik, your wife did right for your and my family also. Naira asks shall we go home. Kartik goes with her. Everyone welcomes him by doing aarti. Aao ji banna sa…..plays…. Kartik cries. Akhilesh says you are our courage, you can’t cry. Kartik says I broke down many times, thinking I will get away from you all, I thought to not let anything to my family and workers’ families. Manish says everything is fine when you are with us. Dadi asks how did you think that I will sacrifice you for this house. Kartik says I knew you won’t do this, so I didn’t tell anyone, how much sorrow would I give you. Suwarna says we are proud of your decision, but you broke our heart. Kartik says sorry. Naira says think Kairav isn’t here, just you can give him protection and teachings. Kartik says sorry.

Dadi says don’t say sorry now. Kartik says sorry. Dadi says stop saying sorry now, stay happy. Naira asks them to come in and have sweets. A man calls out Manish. He gives some papers. He says you have one hour to vacate this house. Everyone gets shocked. The man says you have to vacate the house if you don’t give the money, it was stated in previous notice as well. Kartik holds Naira’s hand. The man says you arrange the money in an hour, else leave the house. Everyone cries. Suwarna says they can’t see our hardwork and sacrifice, why is this happening with us. Naira gets back. Manish asks where are you going, stop. Naksh comes. Naira says I won’t let them lose our house. Naksh says I will see her. He goes after her. Kartik says I couldn’t do anything. Manish says its fine when we are together. Kartik says Naira broke down. Surekha says Naira is much strong. Akhilesh says we have to start packing. They all cry.

Kartik says you should have not put the most valuable at stake, your decision is wrong. Naira says you risked your life, my decision was taken for your sake. She signs some papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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