Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik excited to welcome his baby

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik coming to Naira. He asks Dadi to get up. Dadi says yes, come, sit. He kisses Naira’s hand. Dadi says we will go out. Everyone leaves. Naira says I was so scared, thank God you have come. Kartik says me too, no, I m angry, you left me at home, I came running in night suit. She says I m in pain, don’t scold me. He says sorry baby, I was worried. She says sometimes, pain gets more and then subsides, everything will be fine now. Gayu says Kartik reached there. Krishna dances and says baby will come now. Kirti says I wish good news comes. Kartik takes care of Naira and hugs her. Chukar gai…..plays….

Dadi comes there and sees them. She wards off bad sight. She says see, there is peace on Naira’s face. Suwarna says family can be close, but its different when husband is close. Kartik says I won’t let anything go wrong, what’s this, two beds, two cradles. Akhilesh says nurse said she will shift us to another room once available. Kartik says you did this, booking a twin sharing room. Naira says relax, we will get a room. He says I thought of doing a lot to welcome my baby. Doctor comes and says oh no… Kartik recalls doctor’s words. Nurse says this doctor has come instead your wife’s doctor. Doctor says no way, sorry, but I can’t do it, I don’t want to get beaten up again. Kartik asks why will she beat you. He says but Naira has beaten you. Naira says take my side. Naksh asks what’s happening. Doctor says this madam can attack anywhere, call someone else, please. Kartik says you can’t go like this. Naira says let him go, we will call some other doctor. Kartik holds his legs and says she was joking, don’t feel bad. Naira says let him go. Dadi says enough Naira, doctor, its not a joke, two lives are in danger. Doctor says sorry madam, you would know if she kicked you. Dadi says she was in pain, forget it now, do the checkup, we will go out.

Doctor checks her. Dadi says look at them, they are becoming parents, but they aren’t sensible, am I circus ring master to handle them. Suwarna says you are the headmaster of the house. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa smile. Naira says he is checking me like I have a bomb, see how scared he is. She screams. Kartik says I m with you, I have seen delivery videos. She says by closing eyes. He says I heard the sounds, don’t worry, we are together this time, we lost the moments at Kairav’s time.

Surekha, Gayu and Kirti talk about Naira’s baby. Kirti says I wish nothing happens to Naira and baby, they both stay safe. Krishna hears them and runs. Naira is taken to OT. She says security… Naksh asks what happened. Kartik asks Naksh to check security, call security from home, make sure that no one comes around Naira or my baby. Naksh asks what’s the matter. Kartik says I will tell later. He says Naira, whatever happened before will not happen again. He recalls his baby. Krishna says Naira and her baby should be fine, ward off bad sight from Naira. Dadi asks why is Kartik worried for security. Devyaani says so much happened with Krishna, maybe that’s why. Naksh says Kartik was worried. Akhilesh says we will see the security. Kartik says I will come with Naira. Doctor says you need to change and get sanitized.

Kartik says sorry, Naira ask our daughter to wait until I come. Kirti says Naira is taken to Ot, Kartik is also going in. Gayu says Naira can tolerate pains, but how will Kartik manage. Naksh says I have checked the security. Akhilesh says I can’t tolerate hearing such sounds. Naksh says imagine, how women tolerate such pain. The nurse asks Kartik to sanitize his hands. He does it and says tell fast. She asks him to use the other bottle. He asks couldn’t you say this before. She says fine, go now. He says Naira, sorry, I got late. Naira shouts.

Kartik says sorry, did baby come, no, shall I come. He sees the surgical instruments. He thinks I can’t faint, come on, I practiced a lot. Dadi and everyone see a couple. Devyaani says this lady doesn’t have pains like Naira. Suwarna says Naira can manage, I m worried for Kartik. Naira asks Kartik to come to her fast. He holds her hand. She says you can’t do it, go out. He says no, I m prepared, I didn’t faint seeing dangerous weapons, how will I save you from this. Doctor says relax, those things won’t be needed if delivery is normal, we have to use this if we do C-section. Kartik faints. Naira shouts Kartik. Doctor asks is your entire family such or just you two. Naira scolds him. Doctor checks Kartik and says he is fine, he is just scared, lets start the process, focus on yourself Naira.

Naira asks Kartik to get up. Kartik shouts Naira, did baby come, doctor I m ready. She asks him to go out. He says I won’t go, promise, I know you sometimes scold me. Doctor says if your romance is done, shall we start this. Devyaani says I was scared for Kartik. Suwarna says nurse said Kartik got conscious, don’t worry. Dadi says I forgot Kairav, did anyone say that his brother or sister is coming today. Suwarna says no, Naira said she will tell Kairav. Kartik encourages Naira and wipes her sweat. Krishna asks did baby come. Gayu says no, I m also waiting for the baby, I will tell you first. Doctor signs Kartik. He tells him. Naira looks at them. She asks what happened, is there any problem. Doctor says just relax. Kartik nods to him. Doctor says baby’s umbilical cord is getting stuck in his neck, he isn’t getting oxygen and not able to come out.

Kartik sings a lullaby. The baby is born. Kartik and Naira hug their baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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