Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Chori cheers up Naira

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh saying I can’t see Naira like this, I will go and talk to Kartik. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask him not to go, things may spoil. He says things can get fine, I will talk to him, let me go. They say no, go tomorrow morning, we will see what to do. Suwarna says I have seen Kartik going out. Surekha says maybe he went to meet Naira. Akhilesh says Dadi is fine, Kartik went to meet some doctor, Manish’s doctor asked him to show Manish’s reports to a neurosurgeon. Suwarna says he could have gone in the morning. Akhilesh says yes, he wanted to go. Suwarna says Kartik will not care of any storm or rain for his dad’s sake, he gave medicines to Manish, we will see tomorrow. Surekha says we have to place Ganpati at home tomorrow. Surekha says I wish everything gets fine. Its morning, Naira checks her phone. She sees Kartik’s pic cutout. Chori asks did you forget his face, see, he is your husband.

Naira asks where did you get him. Chori says from the backyard, he is right to stay there, you are upset, you were taking his name even in sleep. Naira asks how do you know. Chori says I came to ask about the AC, you were seeing his pic again right. Naira says no. Chori says I got his pic for you. She says Naksh said Ganpati is coming, I have to see. She goes. Naira cries talking to Kartik’s pic. Naira says you send me away from you whenever you want. Everyone does the aarti puja in both the houses. Gayu feels uneasy and holds her stomach. Naira and Suwarna pray for Manish’s recovery. Suwarna prays that everything gets fine in the family. Kirti says Kartik won’t call, he has gone to meet a neurosurgeon. Naira says I wish Manish gets fine soon. Kirti says yes, all we want is dad’s recovery. Kirti gets Aditya’s call. Naira says I know its his call, why is he calling, what does he want, tell me the reason of your tension. Kirti says just dad is imp right now. Naira says no, everyone is imp, why is he troubling you, tell me.

Naksh comes with coffee. Kirti says some people don’t live and don’t let others live, he is blackmailing me for a stupid thing. Naira asks her to file police complaint. Kirti says I will handle him. Naira says I won’t leave him. They see Naksh. They say you have heard it wrong. Naksh says sorry Kirti, Naira and I will go and vent our anger, we will talk to Kartik, I was going to talk to him at night. Naira sees Kirti. She says yes, we will talk to him. Bhabhimaa gets dizzy. Devyaani rushes to her. Bhabhimaa cries and says I was much worried for Naira, Kartik didn’t make any call, I m worried for them. Chori comes and says Naira was crying, Kirti is sad, why are you worried now. Devyaani says nothing, Bhabhimaa has a headache. Chori says I will give a massage, I will first make Naira’s mood better, you all are strange to support Kartik.

She asks Bhabhimaa not to cry and have faith on Lord. They ask her to keep quiet. Naksh asks were you serious to talk to Kartik, I m angry, I know how much you love each other. Gayu comes home. Naira asks why did you drive and come. Gayu says I feel suffocated in that house because of Samarth’s restrictions. Naira says sorry. Gayu says I m sorry. Naira hugs her. Gayu says I was missing you and family, so I have come. She asks did you guys have tea, I wanted to have it. Naksh says we had coffee, we will make tea and snacks now, we will go out and have a celebration. Gayu says yes, we will get fresh air. Naira says I will come later. Gayu insists. Naksh asks Gayu to meet Kirti and everyone, till then he will get tea and snacks, then we will go. Naira asks about Kartik and everyone. Gayu asks her to stay happy. Naira says its tough, I m trying.

Kirti says you said you will take care of dad, I will take care of my dad. Kartik says he is my dad also. He recalls Naira’s words and feels bad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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