Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira warns Aditya

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditya saying I got scared, I may tell the truth. Kirti asks what do you want. He asks don’t you know what I want, I will send a letter to your house. Kirti says don’t do this. Chori comes. Kirti stops crying. Chori says I told Bhabhimaa that everyone is crying in the house, come, Naksh, Gayu and Naira are going to the park, they called you. Aditya hears this. Kirti says I will come to meet you, don’t do anything. Aditya says I won’t leave you soon. Everyone visits the park. Chori asks for balloons. Naksh takes her.

Gayu says Samarth doesn’t take me out anywhere. Naira asks her to be careful. Gayu says you are with me. She gets Samarth’s video call and says he will get angry seeing me here. Naira disconnects. Gayu says he will get more angry. Naira says chill, I will message him that you are having breathing exercise, don’t worry. Chori shouts and says I never bought so much balloons even to sell it. Naira smiles and says her happiness lies in little things. Gayu says when we grow up, complications get increasing. Naksh asks Kirti what do you want. Kirti says nothing. Chori asks for corn. Naira misses Kartik. She cries and says I miss you Kartik. She sees Kartik and says what is he doing here. She looks for him. She sees someone else. Chori comes to her.

Suwarna sees Manish sleeping. She puts their pic in the frame. She says you have to come back. Surekha comes. Suwarna says he asked for Kartik and slept. Surekha says Kartik said he will finish meeting and come. Suwarna says Dadi called to ask about Ganesh sthapana, we will do the puja. Surekha says Bhabhimaa and Devyaani were coming, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Suwarna says I hope so. Naksh asks Kirti to have the coconut water. Kirti gets shocked seeing Aditya. The coconut falls on her foot. Naksh cares for her. Naira sees Aditya signing Kirti. Aditya says Naira, we met after a long time. Naira says we just came face to face. He says Kartik is right, you are in lioness mood always. She drops a coconut on his foot. He screams. She scolds him. He asks how can you blame me, go and ask Kirti what happened. She says I don’t need to ask, get lost. Kirti says I m fine, Naksh.

Aditya says the secret will be hidden, Kirti is hiding something, she did something which she shouldn’t have done, just imagine, if her husband or family knows this, what will happen. She asks him to get clear. She catches his collar. Naksh sees Chori wiht Gayu. He says I will go and see Gayu. Aditya says fine, I will tell you. Kirti comes and stops him. He says Naira wants to know the secret. Kirti says leave his collar, Naksh can come anytime. Naira says no, he will trouble you again, tell me, what’s the matter. Kirti says please leave me, come. Naira asks why are you blackmailing Kirti, you are just troubling Kirti. Kirti says he wants to invest in my business and I m refusing. Aditya laughs. Kirti asks Naira to come with her. Aditya asks how long will you hide it from Naksh, one day our secret will come out.

Naira asks why did you stop me, I would have bashed him up. Kirti says enough, we can’t create a scene, I will handle it, its not your matter, don’t get into it. She goes. Chori asks Naksh to buy more toys. Naksh and Gayu smile. Gayu says we should go home now. They leave in the car. The couple sees Chori and follow Naksh. They say Chori has got a rich family. Chori asks Naira to help her. Naira recalls Aditya’s words. Kirti cries in her room. Naksh comes. She thinks Naksh has seen the pic. He takes care of her foot. He says you are worried since you have come, we are doing this for Krish, its not safe to travel, we all will be together, I also miss him, sorry, I can’t help you. She says don’t say this. She hugs him and feels sorry. The couple keeps an eye on Chori. Naira goes to keep the toys. Chori sees the couple in the car’s mirror. She shouts and drops the toys. Naira asks what happened, why did you get scared. Chori hugs her and cries.

Kirti argues with Kartik. Kartik asks is he not my dad, he is my dad also. He recalls Naira’s words.

Update Credit to: Amena

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