Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira delivers a baby girl

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking is there any risk, our daughter… she will be fine right. Naira says please do something, nothing should happen to our baby, please. Kartik says do anything you want, save Naira and the baby. Naira says I don’t care for my pain, you can do caesarean if you want. Doctor asks her to calm down, stress will affect the baby. Krish asks why is it a big issue to have a baby, population is already big. Kirti gets angry. He goes. Krishna says I can’t wait for Kartik and Naira’s daughter. Surekha asks Krishna to put the rice into another plate, till then baby will come. Gayu says she troubled me asking all day. Kartik and Naira pray and talk to the baby. Dadi asks did delivery happen. Nurse says no, baby’s umbilical cord is getting stuck. Dadi prays. Doctor says great, baby changed positive, the cord got removed from his neck, amazing. Naira thanks Lord. Kartik says baby is a rockstar. Krishna prays for Naira and her daughter.

Kartik asks are you fine. Naira cries in pain. He sings the rap for the baby. Naira delivers the baby. The baby cries. Doctor says congrats, you got a daughter. Kartik and Naira happily cry. Kartik says I told you, we will have a daughter. Naira says yes. He hugs her. They see their baby and hug. Teri ankhon mein….plays… they get emotional. Kartik gets the baby to the family. Everyone smiles. Dadi wards off bad sight. Kartik says she is so lovely. Suwarna says yes, is Naira fine. Kartik says yes, she is shifted to room. Naksh records the video. Dadi says give me the baby. Kartik says not now, see her from there. Nurse says give me the baby.

Kartik says no one will touch my baby. Nurse says we have to do the tests and keep baby in nursery. Kartik says I won’t leave the baby, if baby gets stolen. Akhilesh says its safe. Naksh and everyone ask the matter. Devyaani says the test is imp, its good for her. Doctor comes. He says your daughter is safe here, trust us, let us do the duty. Naksh says we called extra guards, look there. Akhilesh says its safe, cctv cameras are there. Naksh says I will go and get the tests done. Kartik says I will go. Nurse says no one is allowed there. Kartik goes along. Naksh says I find him scared. Bhabhimaa says it happens, Dadda ji also loved Nandini a lot. Everyone asks Gayu what happened. Gayu shouts its a girl. She hugs Surekha and Kirti. Krishna dances happily. Krish says what a weirdo….

Naira asks how did you let the baby go. Kartik says Naksh and Akhilesh went along, promise, nothing will happen, did we congratulate each other. He hugs Naira and says thanks for giving my life’s most precious thing to me. Naira thanks him. She says I feel so light. He jokes. Dadi and everyone meet Naira. Nurse gets the baby. Dadi asks Kartik to give baby to her. Everyone hugs the baby and blesses. Naksh says I know your mumma since she was born, she was naughty, but she was lovely, you look more lovely, I will pamper and spoil you a lot. Kartik takes baby and says now I have taken her. They laugh. Naira says Kairav asked us to bring him home, Kartik got many instructions from him. Kartik says yes, he said no one will touch baby, doctor shouldn’t give injection to baby. Doctor comes and asks Naira is she fine. Naira nods. Doctor says your daughter is a fighter like you. Kartik says yes, little lioness. Doctor asks what’s her Papa. Kartik says frog. Everyone smiles. Naira says I didn’t kick you this time, thank you for bringing our daughter to us safely. Kartik also thanks the doctor. The baby kicks the doctor. Everyone laughs. Doctor says its proved she is your daughter.

Everyone is excited to welcome baby home. Samarth gets a message. Someone takes the baby. Naira wakes up Kartik and asks where is our daughter. Kartik gets shocked. He goes out and asks where is my daughter, tell me, you said she will be safe, someone took her. Doctor says relax, she will be in maternity ward. Kartik says my baby isn’t here, where is she, did she get stolen, did you sell her. Akhilesh says relax, baby will be here. Kartik scolds the doctor. Doctor says relax. Nurse gets the baby. Kartik takes her and scolds her. Nurse says baby was crying, you and your wife were sleeping, so I got the baby to change diaper. Kartik says don’t touch our baby without asking us. He goes. Akhilesh apologizes to the nurse and doctor. Kartik takes baby to Naira. Naira hugs the baby. They cry.

Kartik and Naira say the good moment has finally come. Everyone waits for baby. Kartik and Naira get Manish home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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