Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik realizes his mistake

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chori saying about the couple chasing her. She says I know they want to make me a beggar, I know the risk of living on roads, I used to tie up chain to myself so that none kidnaps me, will you save me. Naira consoles her. She says I m with you, I will not leave them, I will talk to inspector, don’t go anywhere without telling me. She takes Chori with her. She ties her hair. Chori asks for make up. Naira says kids don’t use makeup. Someone knocks the door. Chori gets scared. Naira cheers her up and dances. She thinks she is my responsibility until Sudha comes. Chori goes to drink water. Naira scolds Kartik’s cutout. She says you didn’t wish me on my birthday, your anger didn’t come down, you could have messaged me. She sees Devyaani at the door. She says I was singing, no, saying some dialogue.

Devyaani asks her not to clarify. She says when Kartik’s anger calms down, he will understand it, if you took a decision for your self respect, know that we are with you, don’t let anger take its place. Naira says I miss him. Devyaani says its not wrong, you will miss him, its your relation’s strength, you have to use this distance to make this relation stronger, come for aarti, then we have to go to Kartik’s place. Naira does aarti and prays for Manish’s recovery. She prays that family gets happiness again. She gets the flowers in her hand. Chori says you got the blessing. Bhabhimaa says you should have come with us. Devyaani says let her stay at home. Kirti says I want to ask Kartik what did doctor say. Naksh says Naira can’t be alone, I will stay back. Chori says Ganesh an I will take care of Naira. The family leaves. Chori shows a Ganesh keychain and says I would have sold it if I thought of making it before. She prays for Naira. She says do some magic that their fight ends.

Akhilesh asks what shall we do about the surgery. Kirti comes asking for Kartik. Suwarna says Kartik is with Manish. Kirti says I got to know Kartik refused for surgery again, Naksh and Dadis will come in some time, I need to talk to Kartik first. Kartik comes. Kirti asks why aren’t you taking care of dad. He says I m taking care. She says his state isn’t improving. He asks are you a doctor to know it, I will do what’s right for him. She says you can’t decide alone. He says I will decide it, dad is sleeping, he will wake up, talk in low tone. She says dad’s state can get worse, maybe he forgets you also. He says I don’t know what you are thinking, I m doing the best.

Suwarna says it looks like Kartik is in Naira’s place and Kirti is Kartik’s place. Kirti says I will take care of my dad. Kartik asks is he not my dad. He recalls his words to Naira. He gets sad and goes to see Naira’s pic. He says this should have happened with me, I scolded Naira, she explained me that Manish is like her dad also, I feel hurt by Kirti’s words, I m sorry Naira. Naira turns to see. He says I wish she forgives me. He comes to meet her. She signs no. He disappears.

Kartik reaches her house. Chori opens the door and says there is no one at home, just Naira and me. Kartik says I want to talk to Naira, open the door. She says you always shout on her, why did you come, did you ask Naira before coming. He says no. She says I can’t open the door, go back. He says listen to me. She says you listen, I heard this story in temple, Parvati Maa asked Ganesh not to let anyone come in cave, she is praying, Ganesh didn’t let Bhole shankar get in, same way, I will not let you come in, you can’t beat girls, girls are like Devi. Kartik says fine, call Naira out. She asks why, did you understand your mistake. He says yes, sorry. She says say sorry to Naira. He says I will tell her, call her. She says no and shuts the door.

Naira asks Chori is she fine. She sees Kartik’s surprise. He apologizes to her. She goes away. He goes to convince her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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