Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira share the sorrow

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira thinking to leave. Kartik comes to Kunal and says Naira shouldn’t know about my daughter’s matter. Kunal says but you want to know it right. Naira gets Dadi’s call. She says I should leave. She thinks I have seen this man, is he…. Samarth asks Gayu to drink the juice. Gayu refuses. Manish asks are you kids to always argue. Dadi asks how shall we explain them. Suwarna asks where is Naira. Surekha says she went out. Dadi says Kartik also went. Kunal says I took this work when you wanted, you don’t want to know the truth. Kartik says no, I told you to shut this case. He sees a man going to Kartik. Kunal says this is ward boy Anil, he was on duty that day. He asks Anil to say what happened that night.

Naira sees Kartik’s car and says he is also here, how did he know I m here. She looks for him. Anil says she was alive, sister Leela sold her, sorry, I was scared. Kartik cries. He asks did you see my daughter, how do you know she was my daughter. Anil says I took her in lap, she was a beautiful baby, she was weak, she was born in the seventh month. Kartik gets angry and says even then, you have let that happen. Anil says sorry. Kartik shouts, they have sold my daughter, what shall I do now, you could have stopped this from happening. Kunal asks him to listen to Anil once. Anil says listen to me. Anil tells something. Kartik recalls his daughter. He breaks down and cries. He says Naira used to stay scared during her pregnancy, what will happen when she knows this. He gets shocked seeing Naira. Dadi says you can’t go now, there are more games. Samarth says let Gayu go if she wants. Dadi asks them not to affect the baby by their fights.

She says Naira knew that Gayu will get upset and kept this function, Kartik and Naira went to get the gift, when they return, we will take the program ahead. Anil and Kunal leave. Kartik says our daughter… Naira says no, I don’t believe this, tell me the entire thing. He says I will tell you, calm down. She asks who is it, call that man, I want to ask the truth, why did you hide this from me, you were meeting them and didn’t tell me, you were finding her. He says enough. He makes her sit. He says Anil is the ward boy, he was on duty and kept our daughter in the cradle, she was alive. Naira asks why did they lie. Kartik says nurse Leela already sold her to someone. She cries. He says our daughter was not well, she was too weak, nurse sold her and took money, when that man took our daughter, she lost her breath, that man came back to find Leela and take the money back, Leela wasn’t there, he couldn’t stay there, he gave the baby to Anil, Anil did her final rites. She says I didn’t know you are finding this. He says I didn’t wish to give you false hope. She says I feel like losing her again. He says that’s why I didn’t tell you. They go to their car. They cry a lot.

Tere mere sapno ka ghar….plays… They come home. Dadi says we were waiting for you. Suwarna says I thought you went to get gift. Kartik says yes. Naira says we didn’t get it. Dadi says Gayu isn’t fine, doctor said she should rest, when will you both dance. Kartik, Naira and everyone dance on teri hui…. Kartik and Naira get sad. Its night, Kartik comes and says sorry to hide this. Naira says you tolerated everything alone. He says don’t say this, promise me, we won’t talk about it. She says promise me, you will understand and listen to me. He agrees. She says we lost a lot, but we can achieve a lot, our wish can get fulfilled, I read your wish, I was happy to read that, I was also wishing that. She gives him a balloon. She says this moment came in our life before. He nods. He says it means you… She says yes, for our sake, for Kairav’s sake, he should get a little sister. He asks are you sure. She nods and draws a girl on the balloon. She says very soon, we will get our daughter. He nods.

Naira gets a call. Naira and Manish are on the way. Dirt falls over the windscreen. They meet with an accident.

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