Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi blackmails Mishbir

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone explaining Mishti. Mishti says I told that to Abir so that Meenakshi doesn’t ill treats the baby, it will hurt the baby’s delicate feelings, it will be bad, she will love kids of Kunal, Atul and Ketki, but not our adopted kids. Varsha says I was also scared of this, but I have welcomed Kuhu in my life. Vishwamber says right, people will keep saying, you will get happiness if you follow your heart, if everyone refuses to adoption, then what will happen of those kids. Abir asks Mishti not to lose. Mishti says maybe I fell weak, I just want the baby to be safe, happy and confident. Rajshri says you are ready to become a baby.

Abir gets a call. He says social worker is coming home. Mishti says we should go home. Meenakshi meets a doctor. She asks can Mishti become a mother. Doctor says if she is pregnant, then she can’t complete nine months terms, I have to meet them. Meenakshi says I will get their signatures. Doctor says I have to meet them. Meenakshi says you just start the arrangements. Abir asks the lady to come to their new house, he will sign the papers there. Meenakshi comes home. She collides with the lady. Abir catches the falling box. He sees Kanha idol. Meenakshi says no need to cry now, Mishti, I got a hope for you, these toys are for your coming child.

Abir asks what happened to you. Meenakshi says Mishti can become a mum now, you don’t need to adopt now. Abir says we also spoke to doctor, Mishti can’t conceive, don’t torture her. Meenakshi says surrogacy, you can have your own child by surrogacy, maybe people fulfill their dreams this way, its legalized, you both will be parents, someone else will give birth, own blood is own. He says I don’t want this second hand experience for Mishti, I don’t want Dna to match, I want baby’s heart to match, his smile doesn’t matter, his thinking matters, we want a child, we don’t care if he fits your heir category, we are starting adoption process. He takes Mishti and goes.

Mishti asks what can happen now, will babies come to meet us or will we go to meet them. He says it happens in films, we will fill a form, you will choose a boy or girl. She says why will I differentiate when Lord doesn’t, I just want a baby. He says I told this exactly. He disconnects Meenakshi’s call. The lady comes. Kunal calls Abir and says come back fast, mum had taken sleeping pills. Abir asks what.

Abir and Mishti reach the hospital. Kuhu and Kunal cry and worry for Meenakshi. Abir cries. Mishti cries and holds him. Abir says mum gives love to children, but our mum forces children, she has taken sleeping pills to force us, look at Kunal, how he is crying. Kuhu says thank God you have come, its not Mishti’s mistake, mum isn’t understanding it, when will this problem end. Kunal asks her to inform Varsha. Kaushal says we have to find some way, if this happens again, if we get late then… Abir says everything will be fine. Kunal says we will make it fine. Abir says thanks, its happening because of Mishti and me. Kunal says not fair, we will share joy and this tough times also. Vishwamber says we will not bend in front of Meenakshi’s stubbornness, we will not visit her, she will think she has won. Varsha says she is Kuhu and Mishti’s Saas.

Rajshri says Vishwamber is right. Jasmeet says Kuhu will be in trouble. He says we should not bend down to her blackmail, I also worry for Kuhu, I pray that Meenakshi gets fine and Lord gives her sense. Jasmeet says Kuhu will fall in danger, do something. Abir sees Meenakshi. Everyone meets her. Kunal says I exist because of you, didn’t you think of me once. Meenakshi cries. Abir says I was confused, what I should do, you did this, good, you made it easy to take a decision, I wasn’t a good son, I can’t be a good husband, I should get punished, I have no right to live, I should also give my life, I learnt this from mum, if you can do this, then I can do it also, you tried to hurt us, I m your blood, you were angry on me, you should have scolded me, why did you do this, if you try to do this again, then I will eat sleeping pills. Mishti says please Abir….

Abir says if you are my mum, then I m your son. Meenakshi says sorry, forgive me, I m talking to you Mishti, you needed your family a lot, I have made you away from everyone. Mishti says take rest, don’t think of this. Meenakshi asks her to think of surrogacy once. Abir and Mishti go to get medicines. Meenakshi thinks I will do anything, I will not let Abir go away, even if I have to keep Mishti close. Abir asks Mishti to be with mum. Abir and Kunal go. Nidhi asks why was Meenakshi saying democracy. Kuhu says its surrogacy. Nidhi asks what does it mean. Kuhu says when a girl can’t become a mum, when the couple wants a child, then someone else can give birth to a child. Abir says surrogacy wasn’t never an option for me. Kunal asks him to consider it. Abir says I want to shelter an orphan kid, I don’t want to snatch a baby from the woman who delivers him. Kaushal asks Mishti to agree and help Meenakshi.

Abir asks do you think surrogacy is right, or adoption. Meenakshi says I don’t want to take favor of any stranger for adoption Mishti says we will think of mum’s words. Meenakshi asks if Kuhu can help Abir and Mishti. Kunal says you mean Kuhu will become Abir and Mishti’s surrogate.

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