Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi emotionally blackmails Kunal

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunal saying you mean Kuhu becomes their surrogate. Meenakshi says Abir got so much sorrow, I m glad to have you to help him. Kunal asks what shall I tell you. She says no need to say anything, Abir doesn’t listen to me. He says Abir goes against you when he doesn’t agree with you. She says he is lucky to get me, and unlucky to get a mum like me. He says don’t say this. She says I have thought a lot, I will not go against your decision, I promise, business needs you, Kuhu isn’t ready for the baby’s responsibility, you both don’t have to take the responsibility, she always comes forward to help family, you got a chance to fulfill someone’s dream, I will always be thankful if you agree. He says Kuhu has a right to decide. Kunal says you have a right on her, she can’t give a big sacrifice. She says its about family, I m asking her help, I m requesting. He says Kuhu, Mishti, her family relations will be affected, I have to ask Abir, he will never agree, lets not do any new drama, if they want to adopt a baby, then we should support them, right. She gets shocked.

She says I will just accept your decision, I promised you. He says sorry Maa and goes. She says I will tell the same thing until you agree. Abir and Mishti come to the park to meet Abir. They see Nana and Nani’s bench and some balloons. Abir and Mishti come to congratulate them as future Nana and Nani. Mishti says adoption agency has approved our application. Rajshri says great.

Vishwamber and Rajshri bless him. Mishti says adoption centre liked the fact that you both adopted me and raised me well, its your victory. Abir says they will come to meet you. Mishti says we should not have sorrowful feelings. Abir jokes. Rajshri says we are always with you. Abir says we will shift once mum comes back from hospital. Vishwamber asks Mishti are you happy. Mishti says I m very happy, I feel every day will be my birthday. Kunal recalls everything. He worriedly walks on the road. Abir and Mishti come to him. Abir jokes on his worried face. He says I will handle mum, relax. Kunal thinks this time you can’t do anything. Mishti says adoption agency approved our application. Kunal says great, congrats.

Mishti says they asked local guardian names, we gave your and Kuhu’s names. Abir says you thought we will become boring parents, you have to become super chacha. Kunal says anything for you. Abir says then smile, don’t be senti. Abir and Mishti come home. Kuhu says congrats, I hope you both stay happy, everyone knew this matter, except me, its unfair, I m your sister, not any far relative. Mishti says really sorry, Abir I told you we should tell Kuhu first. Abir says yes, but Meenakshi got me insulted in inlaws. Mishti says so he told Vishwamber and Rajshri first to become their fav. Kunal says Kuhu, I need to talk to you. Kaushal asks are you thinking of Meenakshi’s words. Abir asks what did Maa say. Kaushal says she fired Uma for her mistake. Abir says wow, Uma is gone, Kuhu and Kunal can have full on romance. Kuhu smiles. Kunal says I need to talk to mum.

Meenakshi waits for Kunal. Nurse says your family is so good, why did you take such a step. Meenakshi sees Kunal and asks nurse to check her bp again. She says my family is good, I m happy, Kunal is my big asset, I did a mistake, I should get punished, I have lost any right to ask him anything, but I love him. Nurse says your bp got normal. Kunal looks on and says I will give her medicines. He asks why did you fire Uma. Uma says she didn’t send the proposal to client, she said your signs are there, but not my signs, she said you just work for the company, she was coming between us, I reminded her that its your company, I m your mum, your dad’s greed came between him and me, Abir’s thinking came between Abir and me, you are mine, don’t tell anyone about surrogacy, don’t get upset. He says never, no one can come between us. He hugs her. She says your baby will be the heir now. He says Abir and I don’t care for this. She says I also don’t care, I wish Abir’s adopted child is like you, I will handle myself, else its Abir’s fate.

Kunal says I will be legal guardian, great. Mishti says adoption agency will need Kunal and your pics. Kuhu says fine, Kunal went to fight with mum for Uma, lucky Uma. Mishti says lucky me to get you both. Kunal comes home and recalls Meenakshi and Parul’s words. He says this house did a lot for me, its my turn now. Abir asks how is mum. Kunal says fine, will you tell baby that he is adopted. Abir says yes, adoption isn’t a crime to hide, I will tell him everything. Kunal asks will it be fine, mum has hidden it and I got a normal childhood. They hear Kuhu screaming and rush. Kuhu says my weight increased by 1kg 200 gms. Abir asks what. Kuhu says I will lose the weight. Abir says we always help each other, we will help you. Kunal nods.

Kaushal says Nidhi will be at the hospital tonight. Kunal says I spoke to mum, Uma’s problem will be solved. Kaushal asks are you worried, we are lucky to get Abir, I have Meenakshi, think what would Abir do being in your place. Kunal says Abir would have helped family, how shall I talk to Kuhu. Mishti asks about the dress. Abir says its good for traditional day. She says I don’t want to look fashionable. He says come on, wear something normal. She asks did you decide clothes, you will look smart always, I used to wish that our baby looks like you. He jokes. He says I won’t leave you if you wear anything boring again. Kunal comes to Kuhu and says I need to talk. Kuhu says I have to talk to dietician. Kunal says mum apologized to me, she wanted me to help her, I wish I could do something. She says give the money to my dietician. He shouts I can’t help mum. She says why are you shouting, none can help mum in this. He says you can help, mum wants you to become Mishti’s surrogate. She gets shocked.

Kuhu says Meenakshi and Kunal want me to become your surrogate, I won’t be a part of this. She cries and goes. Abir looks on shocked. Rajshri asks Mishti to take everyone along and fight for their rights. Meenakshi says forgive me. Kunal goes to her. Mishti stops Kunal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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