Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Abir and Mishti get a vital clue

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir saying Karan had much blood loss, like someone had hit him repeatedly, why didn’t I think of it before. Parul asks what do you mean. Meenakshi says it means there was a third person present there. Mishti asks how will we prove it. Kunal asks was there any CCTV camera. Meenakshi asks is this written in reporters. Abir says no. Kuhu asks how will we prove it. Abir asks how did Varun know it, he said he was finding Karan’s murderer since 3 months and then he met Ketki by chance, if police knew it, then they would have arrested Mishti, how does Varun know it. Ketki says I went for a walk. Kuhu asks why are you lying. Mishti says Kuhu and I have seen Ketki meeting Varun. Kaushal asks what. Abir says we are trying to fix things, why did Varun come. Kuhu says we heard Varun telling Ketki that she should remember that she is pregnant, he asked her to hide something. Abir says your marriage can break, Mishti’s future is in danger, we can save you, just tell why did Varun come. Ketki says Varun likes me a lot. Mishti says you love Varun, I will get you married to him, tell us, what was he telling.

Nidhi says Mishti, stay away, Ketki is so scared, this matter is dangerous for Ketki and her child, let her rest. Ketki says I have lied to all of you. Abir asks what lie. Ketki says I m not pregnant. They get shocked. Kunal asks what are you saying. Meenakshi asks why did you lie. Ketki says Abir was going, everyone was upset, when Nirmala broke the relation, Varun said both the problems will solve by one lie. Abir says it means it was Varun’s plan, his mum is also involved. Kunal says he is a fraud. Meenakshi says you didn’t think Abir had to bend down in front of Soni family. Kaushal gets angry. Ketki says sorry. Kuhu says Varun wants her to do the drama. Mishti says so that I have no choice and I go to police. Meenakshi says Karan didn’t know respecting women and Varun made Ketki cheat us. Abir says its not Ketki’s mistake, Varun had a plan against Mishti, he wanted Mishti to confess truth, how is he sure that Mishti was there that night. Kunal says he is hiding something. Kaushal gets a call. He says it was Nirmala’s call, she wants to know our decision, she is coming to see if we are sending Mishti to police.

Meenakshi plays shank. Abir and Mishti do aarti. Kuhu says we have much love in family, but we won’t show it to Varun’s family. Meenakshi says yes. Kuhu asks Mishti not to feel bad. Abir thanks everyone. Kaushal asks him not to thank her. Meenakshi asks Nidhi and Ketki to stay in their room. She asks Mishti to go to her room. Mishti says if they get police… Meenakshi says we got your anticipatory bail. Mishti says thanks, I m strong and can face them. Meenakshi says I know, but we are with you, please go to your room. Mishti goes. Meenakshi says let Varun and his family come, its time to tell them that Rajvansh family is a rock, one who collides with us will break into pieces. Mishti asks Abir what can I do. Abir says family is involved, there is something which you can do. He asks her to hold the rope of hope. He says you can tell us what happened that night. She says I told you everything. He says just you can tell us the details, I was asking you to forget, I m asking you to recollect it, you can do this. Mishti recalls.

Nirmala and Varun come home. Meenakshi welcomes them. Nirmala asks is Mishti ready to tell truth to police. Meenakshi says I didn’t want Mishti to become my Bahu. Parul says yes. Kuhu says she is unbearable. Meenakshi says we just have fights in family since she came here, I had always forgiven her, this time, we won’t forgive her, we are with you, Mishti did the mistake, why shall Ketki get punished, is there no other way to end this problem. Mishti recalls and says I heard someone’s footsteps and …. Abir asks what. Nirmala says way is one, that Mishti tells truth to police. Abir asks Mishti to think again. She recalls and says I heard someone coming. He asks her to try and recall. She hears a ringtone and says this sound, I heard this ringtone before I fainted. They go and see Varun. Abir says it means Varun was there, that’s why he knows.

Nirmala asks did you buy a new phone, Varun. Mishti says it means his family doesn’t know about his phone. Meenakshi says you can punish Mishti, both the families will get defamed if the matter comes out. Nirmala says we will not let the media know it. Meenakshi asks Kuhu to call Mishti. Mishti comes and asks what shall I do. Nirmala says you have to say truth, let Varun come. Varun says why did you call, she will confess tonight and I will get everything. Kaushal collides with him. Varun goes. Kaushal says he has two phones. Nirmala says Mishti has come. Varun says come with me to police station. Mishti says I will go tomorrow. He asks what. Meenakshi and Kuhu scold Mishti. Mishti asks Varun can he guarantee that he will marry Ketki. Varun asks what guarantee. Mishti says I will confess when Varun marries Ketki. Abir and Kunal agree with Mishti.

Mishti says maybe Varun gets his phone tomorrow. Abir and Kunal dance in function. Mishti tries to get Varun’s phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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