Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi plays her move

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunal defending himself. He says nothing was normal at home since the baby talks started, Mishti had to leave then mum attempted suicide, I just wanted to see everything happened, I didn’t see any other way or Kuhu’s feelings, really sorry to hurt you all. Kuhu comes and argues with him. She says you think I don’t think of anyone, even I have feelings, I m not a toy. Kunal says really sorry, I know you are not selfish, please come back, if you trust me. Vishwamber asks Kuhu her decision. Varsha says its Meenakshi’s decision, so I will decide, Kuhu won’t go anywhere. Kuhu says convince mum not to talk of surrogacy again, I will wait. Vishwamber says Abir, you try to find a solution, I will also try, don’t know what will Meenakshi do.

Nidhi says Kaushal said that Kuhu refused to come. Meenakshi says I will handle this, go home, I m worried for family, you keep telling me about Abir, Mishti and Kunal, don’t tell Kaushal and Ketki. Nidhi says sure and goes. Abir and Kunal stay upset. Mishti and Kaushal try to cheer them. She jokes and says I will go to mum. Abir and Kunal say no, don’t know what will she do. Abir asks what. Kunal says Mishti met mum and gave warning that Kuhu won’t become surrogate. Kunal asks don’t you know. Abir jokes. He hugs Kunal. Mishti smiles. Kunal says mum didn’t say a lot, I told a lot, Mishti made me realize that I behaved wrong with Kuhu and you. Abir says I should have known it, I couldn’t save you from mum. Mishti says relax, we should understand one thing, we can’t let anyone come between us, we have to get Kuhu back. Kunal says we will go tomorrow. She says we will get her now. Kunal says she won’t open the door seeing me. Mishti says you can go by balcony. Abir says yes, she is in her full zone. Nidhi hears them and calls Meenakshi.

Kuhu asks what will happen now, I m scared. Varsha says Meenakshi can’t use you, I m with you. She supports Kuhu. Kuhu says best mumma ever. Varsha asks her to sleep and goes. Someone comes to Kuhu. Kuhu turns and sees Meenakshi. She asks how did you come here from hospital. Meenakshi says just you can understand my pain. Kuhu says sorry, I can’t become Mishti and Abir’s surrogate. Meenakshi gets Nidhi’s message, that Kunal, Abir and Mishti are going to meet Kuhu. Mishti asks Kunal to go to balcony using a rope, make sure to not fall down, its safe, don’t worry. She says Abir and I will manage everyone. Abir jokes on her. Mishti asks Kunal not to worry.

Meenakshi says I liked you more than Mishti. Kuhu says I wasn’t your first choice for Kunal. Meenakshi says sorry, you can get a golden chance, you don’t refuse soon, you can help me, it will be a golden chance for you. They hear the car sound. Meenakshi says Kunal came to take you home, you are just like me, I m sure you will think well and decide. Kuhu sees them coming. She sees Meenakshi gone. Kunal says thanks Kuhu. Kuhu asks why. She says Mishti explained me plan to climb balcony, thank God I got you here. Kuhu says boring people don’t have this skill to climb balcony, go back, I won’t come back. He apologizes. Varsha sees them. Mishti says Kuhu loves Kunal a lot, I m sure she will come back. Abir says I m so proud of us, why did you go to meet mum. Jasmeet comes and says Varsha has seen Kuhu and Kunal, come with me.

Vishwamber says we decided to talk tomorrow. Jasmeet says maybe Kunal was missing Kuhu. Varsha says I m not ready to send Kuhu. Kunal says we won’t talk of surrogacy again. Varsha says sorry, Meenakshi will talk of it, how will you stop her. Mishti says we all know what Meenakshi is doing. Vishwamber says I trust you all, if Meenakshi tries to hurt herself again, then you have to do this. Kunal says she won’t do this. Vishwamber says I want to hear this from Meenakshi.

Abir and Mishti come home. Abir says a medical report changed everything for us. Mishti cheers him. He asks are you happy. She says very happy, why didn’t I get this idea. He says I m very smart. She says baby feels scared without parents, like me, we can become a reason for joy for someone. He says this baby will be a bonus for us, you went to meet mum, you deserve a medal for that. Mishti says I m not at fault, Kuhu is not wrong, why are we getting punished, so I decided to help Kuhu. They smile. He gets a call. The lady says sorry to disturb at this time, you will get the baby soon. Abir says great. He says we will get our baby soon, congrats. He lifts Mishti and dances. Varsha cries and prays. Rajshri consoles her.

Its morning, Kuhu thinks of Meenakshi’s words. She says why is this happening with me. Varsha says I don’t want Kuhu to stay there, don’t force me. Rajshri says I m with you, Kuhu won’t go there. Kunal says mum will get discharged today. Kaushal says we got Meenakshi home. Kunal asks how do you feel. She says fine. Mishti asks are you fine. Meenakshi says yes and goes to her room. Nidhi asks are you leaving the house again. Mishti says no, its a good news, we will get our baby soon. Kunal says congrats. Kaushal says its good news. Meenakshi hears them going upstairs. Mishti says its a good news. Abir says we will tell Maheshwaris that no one will talk of surrogacy here and get Kuhu back. Meenakshi looks at them. Kuhu comes home. Kunal smiles.

Kuhu says I can become a surrogate. Abir says the baby will not be yours, so are you sure, you will become our surrogate. The lady says Mrs Rajvansh called and said you aren’t interested in adoption. Abir asks what.

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