Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kuhu receives a surprise

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parul saying Abir, we know you are so hardworking. Mishti says do you know he is so naughty. Abir smiles. Kunal says that’s not funny. Abir says mum was confused thinking whom to support. Meenakshi says Mishti, your Abir is naughty. Mishti says yours too. Kunal says you can become a good actor. Abir says I can never be jealous, if I say that, then you can fight with me, you are the world’s best businessman. He goes. Meenakshi thinks Abir didn’t feel bad, I wish that he cared for business. Mishti says I understand your jokes. Abir says of course, you understand my signs. Mishti asks what. Parul asks her to think and understand. Mishti smiles.

Kuhu posts on social media. Kunal comes and jokes. She says we will go live tomorrow, Kunal and Kuhu is Kuku. He says I don’t understand it. She says tell them that you don’t have a wife. He says definitely, thanks. Mishti says I understood your sign. Abir asks really. Mishti says you want to tell me… what’s the need to say in front of everyone. He says everyone was there. She says I will tell mum and Maasi also. He asks what. She says you wanted to tell me that we will dress up Bal Gopal. He asks what. She says yes, why are you irritated. He says you aren’t understanding. She asks him to say. She hugs him and says I will try again, you gave me Bal gopal for something else, why.

Abir says nothing, I m going. She says listen, nothing. He asks what. He goes. She laughs and says I understand your signs well, I like to tease you. Kuhu says I will tell them that you are a bad husband, my followers will troll you and ask you to say sorry. Kunal shows a dress for her. She says I liked it. He says I thought you will want to wear it on cover shoot. She hugs him and says I like it a lot. He says good. She asks why were you ignoring me, why do you trouble me. He says you look lovely, cutest. She smiles. Bekhudi….plays….

Abir says I just had to get angry chori, not sweet one. Parul asks him to go to Mishti and Kuhu’s house, there is some work. He says fine, I have no work here. Varsha is happy. Rajshri says we are lucky to get sons-in-law like Kunal and Abir. Varsha says yes, their children will also be so lovely. Abir comes and says its fine to say it. He greets them. He says our NGO didis made the sarees. Rajshri likes it. He says think of Kunal and Kuhu’s children, they will be amazing. Varsha says your children will be naughty and lovely. Abir says if they go on Mishti, they will fight a lot. Rajshri says its good you are thinking about it. He says she is busy making jhanki. She asks him to sit. Varsha says Kuhu came in my life and surprised me. Rajshri says I was young when Akshara was born, when Mishti came in my life, I wasn’t alone, I had courage, experience and faith. Abir says you kept Devki and Yashoda’s responsibility, you also Varsha. Rajshri says when they come together, then child becomes Krishna.

He says I m thinking when I get a baby, will I fulfill the responsibility, I had no father figure in my life. Rajshri says I m sure that you and Kunal will prove to be great fathers, your mum has done Devki and Yashoda’s duties and also a father’s duty. She gives him a peacock feather and says its my blessing. He smiles.

Kuhu asks do you want my help in jhanki preparation. Nidhi says you prepare for photoshoot, let Mishti prepare for jhanki, else storm will come in our house. Meenakshi asks Parul to feed laddoo to Nidhi and shut her mouth. Kuhu says very mean. Mishti says Nidhi is joking, we will prepare jhanki well. Nidhi goes. Parul asks Mishti and Kuhu not to get tired, they have to keep fasts. They go. Parul says things change well when they stay happy. Kuhu asks why did you keep fast, I have to keep fast also. Mishti says actors keep fast before photoshoots, zero water retention, they look good. Kuhu thanks her. Meenakshi and Parul smile seeing them.

Abir comes to Mishti. They dance. Chori chori chupke ke….plays… Kunal and Kuhu also dance. Abir gives Kanha idol to Mishti. She hugs him. Kuhu makes chocolate shake and says its my first love. Kunal comes to her. Meenakshi asks who is it. Kunal asks her to just come. He pulls her. The chocolate shake falls over jhanki. Kuhu says you made it fall down. Abir wakes up and gets Mishti’s note. She wakes up and smiles. He says if you knew, why did you trouble me. She jokes.

He says you are so cute, my angry chorni, there is no pressure from my side, I wanted to say that I m ready, every girl knows that I have good looks and much patience, will you think about it. She smiles. Parul knocks the door. She asks Mishti to come and prepare. Abir says we have to do a lot more. Parul asks what do you mean. Varsha and Jasmeet come home. Nidhi welcomes them. Varsha says we came to help. Mishti says you did good to come soon. Kuhu hugs them. She says I feel so hungry. Mishti says its your photoshoot, you have to get ready for it. Kuhu says I will become a celebrity, I m so excited, Kunal gifted me the dress. Mishti asks them to have darshan. She sees the stain on the jhanki. She says who did this. Kuhu looks on.

Abir and Mishti dance on Woh kisna hai…. They do the puja together. Meenakshi smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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