Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Abir and Mishti’s janmashtami

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone thinking how did the jhanki spoil. Kuhu worries and says its my mistake, not Ketki’s, I was feeling weakness, I came to drink chocolate milkshake and it fell here, sorry. Varsha asks how will we fix this, are you a kid to do it. Mishti says its fine, Kuhu made a mistake. Kuhu says sorry, I didn’t do it intentionally, I will help you in making jhanki again. Kunal comes and says reporters are coming in an hour, Kuhu get ready. Mishti asks her to go, she will handle this. Kuhu says thanks, I will change and come. Mishti asks Varsha not to worry, Parul and she will manage. Varsha asks her not to tell anything to Meenakshi. Mishti says don’t worry. Varsha says I have to tell Rajshri that Kuhu did a big mistake but Mishti didn’t fight.

Jasmeet asks Kuhu why didn’t Mishti fight, is she fine. Kuhu says she is fine. She thinks why isn’t Mishti upset. Meenakshi sees Abir and Kunal arguing. She goes to see. Abir shows Kunal’s new look.

Kunal says it looks weird. Meenakshi takes Abir’s side. Abir dances. He says I will do Garba, my brother is becoming businessman of the year. Meenakshi says I do what’s good for my sons. Kunal says Abir is your fav. Abir says you are her son, I love you a lot. She says I feel glad to see you both love each other so much, I pray that you get such happiness from children. Kunal says we are such as our mum is the best. Abir says Rajshri also told the same. Meenakshi says Kuhu and Mishti will become better mothers. They smile. Mishti cleans the stain. Varsha says Kuhu always does mistakes. Rajshri comes and asks them not to worry. She says Mishti was already prepared for this. She shows Vishwamber bringing a jhanki. Mishti smiles. Vishwamber says you told me about the jhanki stall. Mishti hugs him and says everything is fine now. Kuhu comes to help and slips. Parul holds her. Kuhu thanks her.

Meenakshi asks when did you all come. She greets them. Kuhu asks where are the journalists. Kunal says city is new for them, they went to wrong place, they will come. Mishti says we shall start the puja. Abir says we thought to add a twist in the function, we are going to present a small skit, we will put it on social media, the sponsor will give donation. Mishti says we will use it to help poor kids. Rajshri says its good. Abir says I will come to stay with you for few months. Meenakshi asks do you want to become a ghar jamai. Kuhu says we all will go together. Meenakshi asks Abir to get ready for the skit. Everyone smiles. Abir and Mishti dance on Woh kisna hai…. Kuhu and Kunal get busy in their photoshoot. They get pics clicked. Abir and Mishti get the media attention. Everyone claps. The man says you are chairman of Asha kiran NGO, right. Kunal says he is Abir Rajvansh. Abir says Kunal is my life. Mishti says the NGO ladies have made the jalebis, we use the money for the NGO work. Kunal goes for interview. Mishti says you can feed me the jalebis. Abir feeds her. Saathiya….plays…. Rajshri comes to them. She says you both look lovely, change and come fast, everyone is waiting for puja. Meenakshi asks Abir and Mishti to do the rituals. Mishti thinks don’t know is it the right time or not. Abir thinks its the right time. Meenakshi prays that they get a little Bal gopal.

Abir says I m not thinking of baby names. Mishti asks what are you thinking. He says I wrote something. He reads his diary about his dad leaving in his childhood, and his child who will never leave him. He gets sad. Mishti cries. She says your promise will be fulfilled. He says I promise we will decide it together, what do you think, its fine if you are scared, I want to know what you actually think. Kuhu and Kunal come to show photoshoot pics. Abir and Mishti compliment them. Kuhu says we have to send them our fav pic, my super stardom will start tomorrow. Kunal says they shot your good pics as well. Abir and Mishti see their pic and say not bad. Its morning, Abir sees their pic on the magazine cover. He asks how did this happen, Kunal and Kuhu’s pic was going to come. Kunal comes and asks did the magazine come. Abir hides it and says no. Meenakshi says actually, they printed the wrong pic. Kunal says let me see, show it. Abir jokes.

Mishti says you freshen up and come. Kunal says let me see the pic. She asks him to go. Kunal asks why are you behaving strange, I will explain Kuhu. Kuhu comes crying and says someone else’s photo got printed. Mishti says you should scold them. Kunal asks what happened. Kuhu shows the magazine and says Mishti’s pic got printed. She scolds Mishti. Mishti says its not my mistake. Kuhu says why did you get my share of happiness, I always feel that I will get a big role and you become the heroine, I m waiting for the day when your happiness and role get on my name, justice will happen, just see that. She goes. Mishti gets sad.

Abir asks Mishti to think of the family. Mishti says its not my mistake. Kuhu says Mishti should personally apologize to me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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