Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Abir’s Shocking Outburst

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kuhu gets jealous seeing family performing Mishti’s goad bharai/baby shower ritual and yells that she always ruins her happiness and even today she dragged whole family with her. Badimaa tries to consoles her, but she continues. Kunal tries to clam her, but she doesn’t. Abir says it was his idea. Kuhu continues that Mishti snatches all her happiness and even today she should keep her stash, her gifts, etc. Meenakshi warns her to stop it. Jasmeet gives her water and asks her to calm down. Kuhu continues. Abir asks her to blame him and not Mishti, she is carrying baby, but baby is Mishti’s and he has right to celebrate his wife’s baby shower ceremony. Kuhu doesn’t listen and continues panicking and holds her stomach. Kunal takes her in warning Abir that Kuhu is hurt because of his act. Doctor checks Kuhu and suggests family to keep her tension-free, else it is not good for baby. Badimaa consoles Kuhu and Mishti and leaves. Mishti asks Kuhu if she should get milkshake for her. Kunal says its okay, after what happened today he cannot trust Mishti. Abir walks in and asks how can he say that, even he knows that Kuhu is overreacting. Kunal says Kuhu gave a big sacrifice for them, but they take her for granted, from hereon he is freeing them from Kuhu’s responsibilities and himself will take care of Kuhu.

Abir in his room tells Mishti its not okay, Kuhu is overreacting, he wanted to adopt baby, but Kunal and Kuhu insisted for surrogacy; he was always against surrogacy knowing of consequences, but they didn’t listen and now Kuhu feels insecure and blaming Mishti and even Kunal is backing Kuhu. Mishti shuts her ears. He says even she is not hearing him like Kunal and Kuhu. She makes him hear her heart beat. He worried says its fast, should he call doctor. She says he is a fool not to understand her feelings, she is thanking him for the happiness he gave her today, she really felt that she is becoming mother. They both excitedly discuss their plans for baby, Abir says he will take baby to temple like he did for his niece, etc. He then gets a call and goes aside, leaving Mishti smiling.

Jasmeet calls Kuhu and asks if she is fine. Kuhu says she is fine. Jasmeet asks not to worry. Mishti walks in, Jasmeet keeps her phone on. Mishti apologizes her for today’s event and requests her to visit Balgopal temple with family for baby’s sake. Kuhu yells at her and shuts door. Jasmeet says she spoke rudely to Meenakshi and should be careful as she would be staying with Meenakshi after delivery. Kuhu says she knows what to do. Meenakshi sees Abir sad and reminiscing Kuhu’s drama thinks she can bear her son’s anger, but not his sadness.

In kitchen, Mishti expresses concern to Maasi. Maasi hopes Kuhu agrees to visit temple. Mishti hopes everything goes well soon. Kunal listens to them and walks in. Mishti says she prepared Kuhu’s favorite dal and serves dinner to family. Meenakshi on dinner table informs Kunal and Abir that their manager Mr. Kedia called and they both need to visit factory tomorrow. Kuhu walks in and apologizes Mishti for her misbehavior and overreaction and asks if they can visit Balgopal mandir tomorrow, she will treat family in a restaurant around temple. Family gets happy hearing that. Kuhu feels baby kicking and maami requests to let her feel that. Abir also feels baby kicking and tells Meenakshi that he will visit factory tomorrow. Kuhu says she will be baby’s Devaki maa and Mishti Yashoda maa. Abir says both stories are different, Mishti is baby’s real mother here.

Precap: Kuhu craves for ice cream and sends Mishti out to bring it. She calls Kunal and says she is feeling nervous after a bad dream and don’t know where Mishti is. Kunal tells Abir that Mishti is irresponsible. Abir says there must be some reason.

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