Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Abir makes Mishti hide the truth

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir saying that guy is Varun’s brother. Mishti sits in shock. She cries. She lies on the bed. Meenakshi comes. Abir says she is sleeping. Meenakshi asks how is she now. Abir says she has migraine, I gave her the pill, you know its painful, she will be fine. Meenakshi says I will cancel the engagement. Abir says no need, she will be fine. Meenakshi goes. Mishti says you knew this so you wanted us to go away. Abir says yes, sorry. Mishti says you burnt that letter for this reason, I spoiled everything, I snatched a son from that good family. Abir says no, you did that to save yourself. She blames herself and cries. He cries. Meenakshi says Mishti took medicines and slept, Abir said she will be fine, he is with Mishti now. Nirmala asks so did the engagement get cancel. Kuhu asks why, we all are here. Meenakshi says yes, as you all wish. Varun says it would be good if Abir and Mishti were here, we will do it without them. Ketki nods. Albela sajan….plays… Abir gives medicines to Mishti.

Meenakshi does tilak to Varun and Ketki. Abir cheers up Mishti. Mishti cries. Nidhi also does the rituals. Mishti says I decided to tell the truth to Varun and his family. Abir says fine, but come with me. Nidhi says sorry, I forgot about the gudd. Kuhu says I will feed it to you. Nirmala says no, brother feeds it to sister and gives shagun, I m sure Abir forgot to bring the shagun. Abir says Ketki’s brother and shagun are here. He says I love everyone in this family. He feeds the gudd/jaggery to Ketki. He blesses them. He gives the necklace. Ketki likes it. Nidhi says I also want such necklace. Varun jokes. Abir says when Ketki was young, she saw this necklace in jodha akbar and wanted this necklace for her marriage. Mishti looks on. Laxman calls Meenakshi and says I met Mandar, I scared him and he told everything, Mishti asked for hospital records for the accidents. Meenakshi asks why, I want all the details. He asks her to tell the name of the person. She sees Karan’s pic. She asks him to give her all the names and inform her soon. Nidhi says we look pretty, why don’t we take some pics. Kuhu thinks why is mum looking so worried. Meenakshi asks where is Abir. Nidhi says forget it. Meenakshi asks Parul to control Nidhi. She says why was Mishti asking for accident details, why did Abir try to find Varun’s residence number, did Abir know Karan, what are they doing.

Abir says everyone was so happy, did you see. Mishti cries and breaks down. He says you can handle this. She says its not helping, I feel scared, what about Ketki’s happiness, what will happen when Varun knows it, what will he tell me. Varun asks Kuhu about Mishti’s health. Kuhu says she never tells me. He says you are hiding her secrets, its okay. Kuhu says we are not sisters, we raised in the same house, but our likes and dislikes don’t match. He laughs. She says we got married in the same house, she doesn’t share anything with me. He says you are very sweet, you manage everyone’s mood. He asks why is Abir leaving the house if Mishti is unwell, he should be here. Kuhu says I felt Mishti is doing a drama, she is attention seeker, I feel she is really ill. Abir says many people will be hurt knowing it. Mishti says I didn’t wish to hurt Karan. Abir says it was his mistake. She says no one will understand this, right. He says but I understand. They hold the rope of hope. She says you fixed this. He says I wish I could fix this, I know our relation got more stronger now. She says Varun is a nice guy, he supported Ketki in the pregnancy matter. Abir says what would happen if he knows about his brother. She says he will break down. He says if he goes to police, what would happen of us, this truth will ruin many lives. She says I have to hide this truth. She asks how will I face Varun now. He says you don’t have to face Varun.

Abir thinks whom to choose and whom to leave. Mishti says I can’t face Varun. Meenakshi says Varun will be staying here for two days. Abir and Mishti worry.

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