Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kuhu And Kunal Part Ways

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abir tells Kunal that its not Kuhu’s mistake, maa planned all this. Kunal says Kuhu won’t be right if maa is wrong. Mishti asks why did she do this. Kunal asks Kuhu same. Kuhu apologizes. Abir says maa forced Kuhu to do this. Varsha enters saying Abir is telling truth. Meenakshi shouts Varsha ji. Varsha warns her stop shouting and tells Kunal that Meenakshi never considered him as son and accepted him, so Kuhu felt insecure seeing all this, she just wanted to secure Kunal’s future and respect in this house as Meenakshi never respected Kunal’s biologic mother Parul, she doesn’t need money for herself as she is bought up like a princess. She says she will not let her daughter stay in this house and takes her to room. Abir and Mishti rush to room and plead Varsha not to take Kuhu from here. Varsha says Mishti is worried about her baby. Mishti says stress is not good for Kuhu and baby. Varsha says that is why she is taking them both away from here. They both walk out. Meenakshi says she is still telling that Kuhu is wrong. Mishti and Abir continue pleading Varsha not to take Kuhu from there. Varsha says for a woman, husband’s support is most important and when Kunal is not supporting her and instead his mother is standing with Kuhu, there is no reason for her to stay here. Mishti and Abir plead Kunal to stop Kuhu, but he doesn’t and says he was quiet as he had taken their baby’s responsibility, but not now. Mishti says Kuhu was insure. Kunal says she should have spoken to him, instead she made a surrogacy deal with maa, she continuously blamed Mishti and kept him away from his brother, there is no justification for all this.

In car, Kuhu tells Varsha that Kunal didn’t even look at him once or stop her. Varsha says he doesn’t care for her, so she will not return to that house, she made a lot of mistake, once baby is delivered, she will not keep any relationship with Kunal. At home, Kunal reminisces Kuhu, Mihsti, Abir’s words and breaks glass angrily injuring his hand. Parul with Meenakshi rush to him and asks what happened. Meenakshi asks Parul to get first-aid kit. Kunal says its okay. Meenakshi says his wife made mistake and not mother. Abir tells Mishti that Kuhu didn’t do anything wrong and maa forced her to do that and justifies. Mishti disagrees at first, but then agrees and asks if Kunal will agree. Meenakshi justifies her actions and says if she had not convinced Kuhu, she would have done abortion, she just wants her son’s happiness. Kunal says if Kuhu had aborted baby, she would have removed him from job. Meenakshi asks what is he saying. Kunal says he is speaking truth, she wouldn’t have given him his right, but she cannot take away his talent and hardwork which she taught him, Kuhu did it in fear, but she did it selfishly. Abir speaks to his lawyer and tells Mishti that he will not sacrifice his family’s happiness and unity for maa’s deeds now.

At Varsha’s home, Jasmeet says Kuhu slept after crying a lot and Mishti used her selfishly. Mishti knocks door. Jasmeet seeing her tells Varsha that neighbor’s maid has come and warns Mishti to stay away from Kuhu. Varsha walks in next. Mishti says she came to give Kuhu’s medicines. Varsha says Kuhu won’t be happy when Mishti is around, so she should return home and she will inform her Kuhu’s condition over phone. Mishti sadly leaves. Kuhu sees Kunal walking to her. She happily hugs him and says she is happy that he came to take her back. Kunal says he came to give her divorce papers as he hates her. She wakes up realizing it was her bad dream and calls Kunal repeatedly, but he doesn’t pick call. She cries thinking what did she do.

Mishti walks to home temple and prays god to help Kuhu and baby. Meenakshi brings food for Kunal and pleads him to have it, but he walks aside. Mishti also pleads him. Meenakshi blames Kuhu again and asks Mishti to tell him to bring Kuhu back as she is carrying Mishti’s baby, Kuhu is untrustable and greedy, she became surrogate for property. Kunal asks her to stop and asks Mishti to go and rest as she doesn’t have to hear this. Meenakshi says why they are not understanding that she transferred property on Kuhu’s insistence and their happiness, she will not let anything wrong again. Abir enters saying he will not.

Precap: Abir transfers his property to Kunal and Kuhu. Meenakshi says how can do this, whole property is his. Abir says even Kunal is his and when he is with him, he doesn’t need anything. Kunal says because of Meenakshi, his brother was going away from him. Parul requests her to forgive Kunal. Meenakshi shouts who is she to interfere. Kunal says Parul is his mother.

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