Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Abir finds Mishti missing

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti asking Kuhu to book a cab for her. Abir gets red balloons. He thinks Rajshri gave a right idea, not just a baby, I will make a cricket team. Kuhu says I wish this didn’t happen. Mishti hugs her. Kuhu says you got emotional, convey my greetings to everyone. Mishti cries and leaves. Abir comes home. Dheere dheere….plays…. He looks for Mishti. He checks the cupboard. Kunal comes and says thank God you are here, I thought you will not meet me and leave, Mishti was packing when I came to your room. Abir asks where is Mishti.

Kuhu says she went to Vishwamber’s place, I booked a cab for her. Abir calls Vishwamber and says Mishti came there, right. Vishwamber says no, she said you both are leaving soon, what happened, where is she. Abir takes Kuhu’s phone and calls the driver. Driver says madam got down at the crossroads. Kuhu asks what’s this. Abir reads Mishti’s note. She writes…. I m leaving the story half so that your happiness gets complete, I m not jealous, you will find someone good, I m going. Abir cries. Meenakshi asks what’s written. Abir says Mishti left. They get shocked.

Abir says Mishti switched off the phone and asked Kuhu to book the cab. Meenakshi calls the lady and says I m coming with the shagun. Kuhu says something has happened which we don’t know. Abir stops Meenakshi. He asks what did you tell Mishti. Kunal says Mishti left the house. She says she did this by her wish. Abir asks why. She says she loves you, I told her to make a sacrifice for one we love. Abir says you have played a dangerous game, mothers aren’t such, she didn’t keep the family united, her life’s mission is to separate her son and bahu, she loves herself. Meenakshi says sons are like you, mum can give life for son’s happiness, sons will blame mum. Abir says you think you are a victim, tell me, where is Mishti.

She says I don’t know. Kunal asks what did you tell her. Meenakshi says I defined love and she understood, she left Abir so that Abir gets his child’s joy. Abir asks how will you find a new girl for me, mention that the girl should give you a heir. Kunal says we should waste time. Abir says you can lose your son in greed for a grandchild. She shouts Abir…. and goes. Kunal asks what was Mishti’s last location. Abir says this house, then she switched off her phone, I won’t forget this, mum attacked Mishti in her weak moment. Mishti cries and thinks your memories will be with me, sorry Abir. The song plays on radio. She thinks of Abir. She dreams of him. She reaches the bus stop. She thinks I will decide what to dream, it will be just you and your memories, Abir.

Mishti says you always keep smiling Abir, I will miss you. Varsha asks did you talk to Mishti. Vishwamber says no, call Kuhu. He gets worried. Kuhu says Mishti and Abir went to find a house. Varsha says I m relieved, there maybe some confusion. Kuhu says Kunal, I don’t like to lie. Kunal says I wish our lie turns into truth. Vishwamber says I will speak to Abir in some time. Jasmeet says something has happened. She calls for Nidhi. Kuhu asks her to hold. Everyone hears Kuhu and Abir’s conversation on phone. Vishwamber says it means Kuhu lied to us, I will not listen to Abir now. Rajshri faints. He calls a doctor.

The lady says pandit gave mahurat after 7 days and then after diwali. Meenakshi says divorce formalities will be done soon, Mishti will make an initiative, I have promised Mrs. Udeshi and that’s her good luck. Abir claps and says well done, you don’t care for anyone. Meenakshi sends the lady. She says I do care for your tears, I m doing this for you, mum is such. He says then its good that Mishti can’t become a mum. Vishwamber comes and asks where is Mishti.

Abir says we will adopt a baby. Meenakshi scolds Abir. Abir says Mishti and I will decide. Meenakshi says just my real heir will take my family ahead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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