Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi and Abir at loggerheads

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi stopping Abir. She says this time, I won’t bend down, I will not give my name to other’s sin. Kunal asks how can you call a little baby sin. Abir says she has bitterness in her. Meenakshi says truth is bitter, children are blessing, some children are a curse, if any family accepts that curse, their fate can change, but not their blood, they will ruin everything. Kunal asks do you think I m also a burden on this family. She says I m just saying I will not raise anyone’s child in this house. Abir says there is no place for love and family in this house, Kunal you don’t deserve this. Kaushal comes and asks what happened. Abir says mum crossed all limits, sorry she is your sister and my mum. She says you are talking to me like this, don’t know what will Kunal tell me tomorrow. Abir says you proved me right, thanks, person’s heart is imp, I know Kunal’s heart is clean as glass, and your heart… Kunal stops him. Abir says Kunal loves you a lot, more than me, even then you are giving this reward to him. Meenakshi says he isn’t my own son. Abir says you aren’t a good mum, if blood lines decides a person, then lucky Kunal, he doesn’t have Meenakshi’s blood. She scolds Abir.
She asks Mishti and Kuhu to say if they weren’t scared to know if they will become like their parents. She asks Kunal to say. Abir warns to stop her. She asks him to stay in his limits. She says this is my house, it will happen as I want. Abir says we will leave tomorrow morning. She goes. Abir says I m your brother, this shall never affect us. He hugs Kunal.

Vishwamber asks Varsha not to worry. He says I will get Kuhu along with Mishti if Kuhu is getting ill treated. Varsha says don’t punish Abir for Meenakshi’s mistake, we should give him a chance to change this. Rajshri says I trust Abir, if they are together, they can solve any problem. He says I won’t get peace until I talk to Mishti. Abir says Vishwamber can do anything, you are safe here, nothing is more imp, lets call him. She says don’t tell anything to them.

He calls Vishwamber. Mishti says I m fine, sorry. Rajshri scolds her. Abir says I thought she will get scolded today. Rajshri says just we know how we have passed this time. Vishwamber says thank God, Abir found you, I want to meet you both. Abir says we will come tomorrow, Kunal and Kuhu will also come. Varsha says have lunch with us. Mishti says okay, I will tell Kuhu. Abir says they are feeling relaxed now, I will talk to Vishwamber about adoption. She says sorry, I m not sure about it. Kuhu thinks Kunal is getting stressed because of mum and Abir’s fight. She asks him to have food. Kunal asks her to have it, he isn’t hungry. He asks how did you know that Varsha isn’t your mum. Kuhu says my family and I were having icecream outing and then they told me everything. He says I wish my family was also simple. Kaushal explains Meenakshi. She says if Atul gets a child and asks you to accept as grandchild, will you accept the child. He asks will Abir agree to remarry.

Meenakshi says I m fighting for the right, we want a heir, its our right, Abir is my son, he should stay here with me, its my right, I will pay any price. Abir asks Mishti why did she change her mind. She says if Meenakshi behaves the same way then it won’t be good, the baby shouldn’t face all that. Kunal says I don’t know how Abir faces it. Kuhu says Abir is special and you are also special, he faces everything with confidence, the family doesn’t know you can also do it, it doesn’t matter who is your real mom, it matters what you can do. He thanks her. Abir thinks Meenakshi confused Mishti, how can she do this, she is so selfish. He gets Vishwamber’s call. He asks is everything fine. Vishwamber says yes, forgive me if possible. Abir says don’t ever tell me to not all you bade papa. Vishwamber says never. Abir says I still need your advice. Vishwamber asks the matter. Kunal comes to Meenakshi.

He says you were waiting for Abir, try to understand what he wants. She says you should have explained Abir, he never loved me, he didn’t understand me, you married Kuhu and Abir married Mishti, what I wanted never happened. He says I know, but we are happy. She says yes, but not this time. He says please don’t be adamant, you can do anything, you can put life in dead business, you can fight any storm, you asked Mishti to leave the house, how could you talk to Abir to remarry, you want a grandchild, just from Abir. She says I didn’t mean it. He says I just want to talk to you about Abir, person should take a step if he has winning chances. She says I m clear that I can’t give my name to anyone’s child, I had no other way.

He says find the way, end this matter, better find some way than fighting. She asks oh really, I have found a way, you tell me the solution then. He says I m not a doctor, Abir is leaving the house, if you don’t stop, then he will go, please. He goes. She thinks. Its morning, Kunal asks are you fine. Abir says you had a face off with Big ben. He asks Mishti to think about adoption. She says I m sure now, we will think later. They come to Maheshwari house. Kuhu hugs Varsha. Rajshri gets jalebis for them. Mishti thinks why didn’t Rajshri feed it to me. Vishwamber also ignores Mishti. She thinks to ask Kuhu. She goes to help Rajshri. Rajshri takes Kuhu’s help. Mishti asks why didn’t you take my help. Rajshri asks how, does anyone make guests work. Mishti asks am I a guest. Kunal asks why are you saying this. Rajshri says we adopted Mishti, she isn’t our daughter. Vishwamber says yes, Kuhu is ours. Mishti says I m not your daughter because I m adopted.

Meenakshi says surrogacy isn’t wrong, own blood is own blood. Abir says Mishti and I will start adoption process. Kunal calls Abir and says come back fast, mum has taken the sleeping pills. Abir gets shocked.

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